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Rob’s new job! and other family news


Rob interviewed for a job yesterday, and was hired!  He gets out of the military on May 18th and then starts his new job on May 21st.  Rob has had so much faith in the Lord that He would provide for our needs, and this job was practically handed to him on a platter!  And he will get to work in the same office as our church small group leader, so he is really excited about that. 

We will be staying here for the a while and hope to get started on the adoption process from Ethiopia.  We’ve been praying about whether to move or adopt first and the burden to adopt has been growing stronger by the day.  The door we were going to use to adopt from Liberia has closed and we were redirected to Ethiopia.  We are eager to get started, but have to wait until Rob finishes remodeling our “country house”.  We’ve been blessed by our church family who have worked on different aspects of it alongside Rob–we couldn’t do it without them!  They are not just investing in our financial future, but in the eternal benefit of future generations–our own biological children and the children we adopt.  We plan to use money from the sale of our house to adopt a sibling group.

 We are still taking the trip to VA next week, to see if that might be where God would have us move in the future.  It will be so much fun to have time together away from normal work and remodeling!  We plan on visiting several churches–as many as we can squeeze in.  We are looking forward to meeting others in God’s family.


Matthew was diagnosed with ADHD last week at the Spark’s Clinic in Birmingham, AL.  They specialize in these kinds of things, and they said they get a lot of children referred to them that they then send back saying, “This child does not have ADHD–they just need more training!”  But in Matthew’s case they said that he definitely, no doubt, has ADHD and that they saw all the same things we’ve been seeing and we are not just overreacting to six year old boy behavior, etc. (it’s not all behavioral).  They were very helpful and there was not a lot of phsycho-babble. 

Anyway, ADHD has to do with parts of the brain being smaller than normal, and as a result certain brain chemicals are not produced to the extent they should be.  There have been many tests, including brain scans of people with ADHD, showing these things to be true–so to relieve any skeptics like myself, it is not just a label to explain an untrained child’s behavior.  Training has and will continue to be important to us and I say that if Matthew can sit still any child can.  There is never an excuse for out of control behavior.

There are three subtypes of ADHD and I am pretty sure I fit in one of them myself, which is not something I like to admit, but it sure answers a lot of questions I had about myself.  Other family members probably have ADHD as well, and they know who they are!  It is generally hereditary so it makes sense that we see it a lot in our extended family.

The medicine is not an option for us, but we have read that B-6 and magnesium are even more effective at stimulating the brain chemicals that are needed for the brain to function normally.  I have experienced great benefit in the past from taking these, not knowing why, but now I do and plan to be very consistent.


My dad has been having testing done for Celiac Disease, which is an intolerance to the gluten in Wheat, Rye and Barley.  The gluten causes an autoimmune response that basically destroys the villi in the small intestine.  These villi are then unable to absorb nutrients so you become malnourished and that leads to multiple health problems including other autoimmune disorders. 

Now that his testing is over, Dad has gone gluten free and feels tons better.  He says it is like night and day.  He doesn’t have his test results yet, but I don’t think he will ever go back to eating gluten even if they say he doesn’t have it!  I started looking into it and realized that I have most of the symptoms and several of the long term problems associated with CD, including multiple miscarriages (because of malnutrition)!  So I and the children, who also show signs, have gone gluten free.  I have also experienced night and day results like Dad and never want to eat gluten again.  CD is also hereditary.  And it can lead to vitamin and mineral deficiencies, so I am hoping that as our intestines heal, Matthew’s and my ADHD symptoms will also improve!  We’ll see.

 Our family eats super healthy, so I have been asking God what we were eating that was making us so sick (I always felt terrible after eating, instead of better like you are supposed to).  So this is an answer to prayer. 

It is estimated that 1 in 133 people in the United States have this disease.  People of Irish or African descent are very likely to have it.  If anyone would like more information, feel free to ask me.  I don’t want to post it all on the blog.


Author: Cassie

Follower of Jesus, wife and mom to the most wonderful family I could ever ask for.

4 thoughts on “Rob’s new job! and other family news

  1. I can relate to a lot of your post! I am glad you turn to God to lead you in your life. I pray He gives you a clear vision for His plan for your family…future additions included.

    My husband doesn’t have Celiac Disease, but is deathly allergic to wheat and yeast. He’s almost died a couple of times due to his new food allergies. It’s not fun to have food issues of any kind!

    I’m glad I found your site!

  2. Hi Blessed1! I am glad your husband didn’t die those times. Thankfully none of our allergies have been life threatening.

    Thank you for saying hi. I will be coming over to your blog too:)


  3. Hi Cassie,
    you have been on my mind a lot lately! I am so glad to be able to “keep in touch” with you this way. Congrats on the new job.

    The reason I am posting to you now is I feel led to encourage you. Sometimes when we go through life and people come along our path we don’t really know what impact we have on them. SOme people are seed planters others are the nurturers (growing the seeds) and others get to see the full beauty of the seed in full bloom. Sometimes we get to be all things, but not at one time, and you were for me a seed planter. You planted a seed in me (in N.J) when you ate healthy. I never understood it and thought it was different at first, but very interesting (and I loved that bread you made).
    We moved to Atlanta and there were other people I met that ate very healthy and made their own bread and stuff. I knew someday I would be interested in learning more and trying to figure it all out for myself and my family, but never really knew how or where to start. Then over the summer my sister started to take classes in NY for integrative health (I still don’t understand it all or get what she is studying exactly), however I desire so much to become healthy.
    This year we started to switch our food buying mostly at Whole Foods or looking for Organic at the Supermarket or buying more Fresh items. I am sure that I still have a very long way to go and am still overwhelmed and frustrated (cause the weight keeps hanging on plus we are still having issues with Kara) with it all cause it does seem hard to understand and there is so many new thing s to try.

    Anyway I wanted to just thank you for the impact you have had in my life even for the brief time that we were around eachother. you are very special and your faithfulness and joy in the Lord is awesome. Thank you
    Love Renee

  4. We praise the Lord with you for providing a job for Rob!

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