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Country Wanderings

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Yesterday we were driving out in the countryside and came into a country neighborhood marked “Neighborhood Watch”.  I commented that we would surely be noticed–who could miss a red and grey 15 passenger van driving through their neighborhood??? 

Rob answered, “The word is going around all over Virginia, ‘Those crazy Floridians, they think that if they drive around in the country long enough, some part of it will become theirs.'”  We’ve been driving in circles, kind of like the Israelites at the wall of Jericho.  When we go exploring, we don’t stay where tourists normally go. 

We’ve played at town playgrounds and parks, and watched the local church softball teams play softball.  The kids have made friends at each place.  Last night they got to play frisbee with some boys.  We’ve gone to a zoo, and Amazement Square (a children’s discovery place that has a four story climbing/sliding structure).  We are going hiking today up by the Blue Ridge Parkway.  We’ve enjoyed the relaxed pace and the friendly people.   

When we were driving near that log cabin the latch on the driver’s side door broke, so Rob had to hold the door closed while we drove slowly to the next town!  He got some cargo straps to tie it closed and then we went looking for someone who could fix it for us.  We were kindly referred to an autobody place up a steep hill.  The man Rob talked to was really nice, but he wasn’t willing to do the job because of liability.  But when he and the owner found out we were far from home they did it anyway, and did a great job, in less time and for less money than they had quoted us.  They seemed like a great business. 

How do you choose a place on the map to move to?  We came here seeking God for His will, and we continue to pray for wisdom.  We’ve found a city and surrounding countryside that we really like.  We’ll be trying a family integrated church tomorrow (that is one where families worship together and they design all the ministries so that families learn, and serve together with no segregation of ages).  Finding a good church family is most important to us.

We also went to the Sovereign Grace church in Roanoke, and it was wonderful.  But there isn’t much land available there in our price range.

Southwest Virginia is a great place, with beautiful scenery, kind people, country everywhere even in the cities, and several good churches. 

We would appreciate your prayers!


Author: Cassie

Follower of Jesus, wife and mom to the most wonderful family I could ever ask for.

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