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God is Sovereign

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We went hiking today and it was a lot of fun.  The kids were troopers on the steep parts (of course Laura had the easiest time, since she was riding in a pack).  But when we got back to the van we found that my car window was broken out and my purse was gone (I don’t know why I left it–won’t happen again).  We did have other valuables that we didn’t want to leave in the hotel room way in the back of the van, and those were not taken.  The thieves must have been in a hurry, because they only opened my door.  All the other doors were still locked.  They had looked in the glove box, grabbed my purse and then closed the door again. 

We had a ranger come up to get all our info and take pictures, so maybe she will find something out.  We think we know who did it, but what can you do?  God is in control, and we are trusting Him. 

The neat thing was that an engaged couple from Lynchburg drove up to the trail parking lot just as we were cleaning the glass out of our car.  They were students; I think Christians from the Christian college there.  They had driven a couple of hours to get there.  When they saw us they asked if we were okay, even before they saw the broken glass.  I guess our faces looked a little odd.  We couldn’t get a signal on any of our phones so they drove down to the visitor’s center for us, called the rangers (they are like police in the park), and then drove all the way back up to tell us it would be an hour before the ranger would get there since she had to come all the way from Roanoke.  Then they drove all the way back home without getting to go on their hike.  The crazy thing is that several other people drove in to the parking lot and back out again, and none of them asked if we needed help–only this one couple that God had obviously sent just to help us.  It confirmed His care and Sovereignty in our lives even when bad things happen. 

I had a Bible in my purse.  You might pray that they read it, or at least that they be convicted by the sight of it.  Maybe God has a plan to have them caught, or to be saved, or both?  We are praying for them.  May God be glorified.


Author: Cassie

Follower of Jesus, wife and mom to the most wonderful family I could ever ask for.

One thought on “God is Sovereign

  1. What an example. Would love to say that I would have that same attitude…but not sure I would. Thank you for sharing as I needed it and others too I am sure! 😉

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