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God is Good

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We have seen much answered prayer on this trip.  God has been in all the events, both good and bad, that have happened-just as He is in every detail of every day at home as well.

On our first day of driving we had a flat tire.  Our jack could not fit under the van to lift it up because the tire was completely flat.  Rob was just asking God how in the world he was going to be able to get the van up when a man with a scissor jack he was very excited about drove up, saw our trouble and brought his jack over, and helped Rob change the tire.  He had just had a flat two weeks prior, so he was very sympathetic.

Sunday we went to the church I mentioned and loved it.  The people were so welcoming and we got to talk with several families.  We were having such good conversations that others thought we already knew those people and were there visiting them!  We were invited to lunch by several families, but unfortunately could only accept the first invitation.  We were so blessed to spend time with an older couple (he is an elder in the church) and two college girls they had also invited over.  We were able to ask lots of questions about the church and the local area.  It was hard to leave them!  

When we went outside to say our final goodbyes, Laura climbed into the van.  I was watching her and thought she was okay because it looked like she was going to get into her seat.  But then she changed her mind and started to get out again.  She lost her balance and fell.  God enabled me to react quickly, and run over and catch her right before she would have fallen on the concrete! 

Monday we were able to have dinner with the pastor and his family, and we had a wonderful time sharing testimonies of how God has been at work in each of our lives.  We had opportunity to ask more questions about the church as well.  At both homes we got to pray together with them before we left. 

We were able to get our van window fixed first thing in the morning, on Monday.  Saturday night Rob made a temporary plexi-glass window so we would be able to lock our van and not worry about rain or people easily getting into it.  It looked great.  Everyone who saw it was impressed (pardon me if I brag about my husband.  He amazes me all the time).  Actually, he believes the Holy Spirit gave him the idea, because he had been going to tape plastic to the window frame.

Tuesday we drove down a couple hours to see my brother and his wife for the day.  We had such a good time with them.  I cannot tell you how hard it is for us to live so far from them, and also my parents.  We miss them greatly.  That is why we are trying to find a place where we could be close to them.  We are hoping my parents will move to where ever we move to (they are hoping to do this as well).  We’ve been looking for a location and church that we would all like so we could live life really together.  Being a military family our children have missed having the influence of their grandparents in their lives.  This seems to be how God is leading us, so it is not just something we are trying to make happen on our own. 

While we were having lunch, Matthew started trying to inhale his grapes and one got lodged in a bronchial tube.  I tried helping him; then my brother did.  It wasn’t working and Matthew started turning blue.  I started praying.  Then Rob came in from the van and he tried doing the same things we had been doing, and it still did not work, so he had to do the Heimlich maneuver.  Praise God, that worked!  Matthew is still sore, but better that than dead.  We think he is a little wiser now–at least we are praying that he is.  We have told him that God must have a special purpose for his life, because He has rescued him from death many times.

Before we left that night my brother led us in family worship the way he and his wife practice it, and it was a special time. 

Along the way we had several near accidents that God prevented and we almost ran over a lady in a parking lot (both our fault and hers) but God averted that as well.   Praise the Lord!  She was the most relieved of all us–you should have seen the look on her face.  She wasn’t angry, as I think she knew she was partly to blame.  All in all, she looked like she was grateful to be alive.

We are home now.  My dad says we are not allowed to leave the house.  He was kidding of course, but when he heard our list of exciting  events he and mom relived them and the emotions of them all at once.  So he decreed that we be locked in, and that the walls be padded.  🙂

The truth is that God is in control and that we don’t need to worry about anything.  There were so many terrible things that could have happened that didn’t.  The Lord is wise, and He has a purpose in my purse being stolen.  We think we know who took it, and we had those people stuck on the trail for a long time.  So they weren’t able to steal from other people, and we were able to get off the mountain and cancel my cards and phone before they could use them.  So it may be that they got nothing from us, but would have gotten more valuable things from other people.  If so, it was worth it.  God knows.  We continue to pray for their salvation.  


Author: Cassie

Follower of Jesus, wife and mom to the most wonderful family I could ever ask for.

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