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Nice things to do for friends


We were at the base library, waiting for Rob to come get us.  It just happened to be Story Time, and the theme was “Friends”.  The librarian asked the kids questions about their friends, and then she asked them for some ideas for nice things to do for friends.  They gave her several ideas, and then she said, “I’m thinking of something that starts with ‘sh'”.  Immediately, Matthew called out, “Shave!” Everyone laughed.  “Oh, you’re so close!” she said.  I’m thinking of the word share.”  Matthew said, “OOOOHHHHH!!!!!!!!” 


Author: Cassie

Follower of Jesus, wife and mom to the most wonderful family I could ever ask for.

2 thoughts on “Nice things to do for friends

  1. Okay, I am cracking up laughing! That was so funny! John got a laugh out of it too. Kids are so cute!

  2. LOve it…reminds me of Bennett…OHHHH!!!! 🙂

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