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A man who serves

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Rob was coming home from running some errands this morning and saw a neighbor working on his yard with a tiller.  We’ve been praying for opportunities to reach out to our neighbors, so Rob walked down to his house and offered to help him with our tractor (he has it here doing some much needed re-landscaping-normally it is out at our country house).  The man was very thankful to have the help.  Rob spent 3 or 4 hours doing what would have taken our neighbor weeks to do.  The man tried to pay Rob, but Rob wouldn’t let him.  Our neighbor was so grateful, and wanted to do something, so Rob let him fill up the gas can. 

One of the things I appreciate about my husband is the way he serves people.  He dropped the project that he was working on here at home, and thought nothing of spending a good chunk of the day helping our neighbor!  Then he came back home and worked several more hours–he is a very hard worker.  Though he has also learned to balance projects with family time, etc.  🙂  This is another evidence of God at work in his life.  He serves us the same way.  We are so blessed to have him for a husband and father, and we strive to follow his example of diligence and service. 

Pray that God will give us more opportunities to be a light in our community. 


Author: Cassie

Follower of Jesus, wife and mom to the most wonderful family I could ever ask for.

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