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Our Standard of Truth

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This quote reminded me of myself, having recently redefined my sin of anger– 

“It is the nature of sin to define things in terms other than those given by God.  We must see God as the only true and proper standard for interpreting nature, history, and human action. . . .We are convinced of the reality of Scripture, because of the authority of Him who gave it.  It is the everlasting standard of truth; therefore, the only unshakable key for interpreting experience.  On any other basis man’s knowledge and activity are absurd and meaningless.”

David Mulligan

p. 23 in Far Above Rubies: Wisdom in the Christian Community

 To go along with that quote from Far Above Rubies, which is a book about Christian education, I wanted to mention that the messages from the recent New Attitude conference are available as free MP3 downloads at  

Sovereign Grace Ministries

The conference theme was discernment.  The speakers were Joshua Harris, Al Mohler, CJ Mahaney, Eric Simmons, Mark Dever, and John Piper.  I am listening through them now–trying to take my time so I can start applying what I learn as I go.  They are very good.

Several of our singles went to the conference, and God definitely used it to bring conviction and encouragement.  It is a singles conference, but the teaching is so rich and really applicable to everyone.

We do need discernment, so we can stand for truth without doubt that what we believe is true.  Francis Schaeffer says that, “To fail to exhibit that we take truth seriously at those points where there is a cost in our doing so, is to push the next generation into the relative, dialectical millstream that surrounds us.”  I think we are seeing that very vividly in our modern Christian culture.  Enough said–but let’s keep digging into our Bibles, and asking God to give us wisdom and discernment.  He has given us everything we need to live godly in Christ Jesus.  And when the world sees us living what we say we believe, transformed by the gospel, they will take notice.  We will be able to answer their questions which will be asked.  But if they see us living just like the rest of the world, it will appear to them that the gospel is ineffective.  People need to see that the gospel really is the power of God for salvation to those who believe.    


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