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It is all connected–because God is the Author

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Well, I was right.  We will be starting school next week, because all of us are excited to be learning.  I looked over My Father’s World K and 1st curriculum today and it looks great.  We are going to breeze through K and then concentrate on 1 (which can be used with a wide range of ages.  Matthew is actually in 2nd grade this year, and Christopher is in 1st).  They have been learning to read, but I haven’t been very consistent, so these programs will be very helpful in giving them a foundation of being able to read, which will help them with all their other learning.  So much for waiting until July.  Better that, then dreading it, though. 

Tonight, Christopher asked Rob, “Daddy, when whales drink water out of the sea, does the sea get lower?”  Rob smiled at Christopher–what a great question!  He answered, “Whales don’t drink water out of the sea; they get their water from their food.  And even if they did drink the water, the sea is so big that the water wouldn’t go down noticeably.  And not only that, but all the water in the seas, rivers and oceans are connected–so there is plenty of water.”  He gave him some more water and whale facts–Christopher loves science, so he enjoyed this conversation.

After Rob left to go work on the “country” house we are fixing up to sell, I put on one of the New Attitude messages I mentioned the other day.  It was by Al Mohler on discerning our culture.  He talked about what culture is, and said that we cannot ever come out of the culture we live in because it is everywhere, in our language, what we eat, how we dress, and so on.  And then he used the illustration of how all the water on earth is connected, and said that even if we try to disengage from our culture in one area, we will come face to face with it in another.  I just loved that he used that illustration, and that I listened to it right after Rob had talked about that with Christopher.  He also talked about St. Augustine’s City of Man, City of God for several minutes, and just the other day I started reading about him, and was interested to learn more. 

To me, these kinds of connections demonstrate that there is a Creator and Author of our lives who holds all things together, and weaves everything into a tapestry for His glory.  Even the conversations we have, the books we read, the sermons we hear, and the people we meet are part of His design.  It is beautiful to me. 

[I did not summarize Al Mohler’s whole message, so if you are interested in hearing all he had to say, scroll down a few posts to the link.  It was definitely worth listening to.] 


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