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Been busy with my little ones

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I was fixing breakfast this morning, and I handed Laura a piece of bread (gluten-free) with butter on it.  She looked up at the spice cabinet and said, “Spice, on, please?”  She wanted honey and cinnamon.  She’s been spoiled by a good thing.  🙂


I’ve been without a phone for a while, but I now have a new one and my number is the same as it was before.  If you want it, send me an e-mail.  Rob gave me some money to buy a new purse, and I don’t plan to leave this one in my van again.  🙂  I keep praying for the people who broke into our van.  Maybe, just maybe, they took note of the Bible, maybe opened the Bible, maybe read the Bible?  God had a reason for allowing them to steal it.  They certainly didn’t get anything they were looking for from it.  If you think of it, would you pray for them too?


Author: Cassie

Follower of Jesus, wife and mom to the most wonderful family I could ever ask for.

One thought on “Been busy with my little ones

  1. What a fresh reminder! Thank you for asking me to pray…it convicted me that my tendency would not be not towards prayer but bitterness. I needed a reminder of God’s sovereignty and how I should respond in ALL situations! Thanks Cassie! 🙂

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