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Celebrate the Glory

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The church we are planning to be part of once we move to Virginia is hosting a conference called Celebrate the Glory of God’s Word in God’s Family.  It is being held in Sedalia, Va, near Lynchburg, on October 20-21, 2007. 

The main topic is Family Worship, which is a subject dear to our hearts.  The subtopics include:

  • What must happen before you commit to daily family worship
  • The glorious fruit of family worship. . .the daily planting of righteous seed
  • The simplicity of family worship
  • God’s heart towards family worship
  • What is more important than reading God’s Word everyday?
  • Obstacles to family worship
  • How the Church and Body of Christ benefits from family worship
  • Head of Household held responsible for family worship
  • What to do if your children, or husband, or wife don’t like family worship. . .
  • The indispensable and incomparable  value and power of God’s word

 During the conference, there will be an opportunity for two families to meet together for family worship.  One family will be a host family and will facilitate the worship time so the other family can learn how to do it.  We are planning to go to the conference (we already have a hotel room reserved) and are going to offer to be a host family.  We can’t think of anything more satisfying within the body of Christ than helping others learn the value of family worship!  In the three years we have been having regular family worship, we have experienced so many blessings.  There is fruit evident in our lives that is a direct result of this daily habit.

There is not one right way to have family worship, but the basic pattern we follow is Scripture reading, singing and prayer.  Rob reads the Bible (in the mornings, I read with the children), we sing a song (one person picks–we rotate through the family), and then we each take turns praying.  Rob likes to have the youngest one pray first and then continue on, with him being last.  It gives him an idea of how to pray for us, and allows him to pray for the things we didn’t think of.  Some families we know go through catechism questions, and we may add that in the future.  Others have a more formal approach and use the Book of Common Prayer.

The speakers at the conference will be Arnold Pent, Eric Wallace, Scott Brown and Steve Harrow and family.  More information and registration for the conference should be available soon at www.simplydevoted.com.  The cost is free, but donations will be accepted.

Also, for a fun look at family worship, see the book Ten P’s in a Pod by Arnold Pent III. 


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