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Marriage vs. College


Rob was talking with a co-worker last week, and she asked him if he had started saving for his kids’ college education.  He told her that he had not, and that if it appeared that God was leading any of the children to go to college, that they would find a way to make it happen (meaning the kids with our help).  She replied that, “You and your wife will have to get a divorce, because the kids will be able to get more financial aid that way.”  Rob was really offended, but tried to answer graciously, that, NO he would not be divorcing his wife!

I was shocked when Rob told me about this.  But I guess I shouldn’t have been.  It is a demonstration of how very much our culture needs the truth.  Maybe God will use the conversation between Rob and his co-worker.  I hope so.  I pray so.  It is only by God’s grace that we know the truth, and God is able to open other people’s eyes as well. 

Lord, use our changed lives as a testimony to Your grace!  We are nothing without You.


Author: Cassie

Follower of Jesus, wife and mom to the most wonderful family I could ever ask for.

2 thoughts on “Marriage vs. College

  1. I remember being PUSHED hard to go to college by my family. “How will you take care of yourself?” they asked. What if my marriage one day ended in divorce? I was told that I needed a degree to support myself! So off to college I went. Never being told there was ANY other way! There I fell into much sin…not to say that I couldn’t have made better choices or that God hasn’t used those 4 years and ALL that happened in them to grow me, bless me and make me what HE wants. But my outlook on college is so different. When Ryan & I married I almost Demanded “OUR CHILDREN WILL GO TO COLLEGE” even when he disagreed and we didn’t have children yet! God has so changed my heart. I now only long for my children to follow God. And HIS absolute best for them! At age 4, B began asking if he could go to college. We assured him if God wanted him to and he also desired to then YES and GOD will provide the way! E has yet to mention it really…she has mentioned SEVERAL things she would like to do- be a vet, play basetball for the Gators (but never mentioning going to school there) and Coach Basketball for the Gators. We just urge her that in ALL things we want her to follow God and cultivate femininity. She once voice that she didn’t know how she would do all that AND care for her babies!!! (how little does she know!!) We certainly told her that if she was a mother her FAMILY would need to come before any other desire! And that would certainly be a lot to do with babies! She agreed! We aren’t saving for our children’s college either. We may one day and if they don’t feel led to go then they can use that in another way. We try to focus on using the money God gives us to obey him, bless others and be good stewards. After that we try to enjoy our children. We don’t want a HUGE college fund or inheritance collecting dust somewhere. We would rather have special times with our children NOW while we are all alive, healthy and happy! Doesn’t that sound better than a big fund!? The society we live in can be disheartening but TAKE HEART…for we are not citizens of this world! (Philip. 3:20) Keep your focus on Eternal things! (2 Cor. 4:18) Thanks for the thought provoking reminder! 🙂

  2. I really enjoyed your comment, Lisa! Thank you for sharing:)

    We also have savings for each of our children, to be used as needed–but it would never pay for 4 years of college for all of our children! We personally would not send girls to college anyway. If they wanted to learn they could read books, take local classes, or do online learning. We’d probably have our sons do the same. For one thing, it is a lot cheaper! Going into debt to pay for college will never be an option. There are other ways of learning, or even getting a degree if it is needed.


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