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Morning laugh

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When we were out walking yesterday, we passed by a neighbor who had a box of toys she was trying to give away; her daughter had grown up and she had no use for them anymore.  She asked me if we wanted any, and I told her no thank you.  But she asked again if she could give one thing to Sarah and I let her give her a little rabbit.  It was a  rubber squeaky toy–like you’d take in the bath if you were a child–only the squeak had long since worn out.  I changed my mind, because it was obvious the woman wanted to give them to someone who could use them rather than throw them away.  She had many precious memories of her daughter associated with the toys. 

Sarah loves the rabbit.  It is her new favorite toy.  She brought it with her to breakfast and was playing with it while eating her banana.  Rob said, “Sarah, don’t get it all messy or we’ll have to throw it out.”  I laughed quietly, because I knew we could also wash it, but that Rob would love to throw it out.  Sarah answered, “I guess we could wash it, though.”  She’s a smart girl.  Rob and I laughed so hard the tears started coming, and the children joined in just because.


This neighbor was not one of the ones I mentioned yesterday–so I guess we got to talk with three neighbors.  I do enjoy talking with neighbors–I just don’t like knocking on doors.

Also, Rob gave me permission to share this on the blog. 


Author: Cassie

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