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Too good not to share


This is a video of a little girl reciting Psalm 23.  It is very cute, but also an encouragment to get our little ones memorizing God’s word.  They CAN do it.  I am constantly amazed at what mine remember.  They memorize God’s word a lot faster than I do.  Enjoy!

Psalm 23


Author: Cassie

Follower of Jesus, wife and mom to the most wonderful family I could ever ask for.

4 thoughts on “Too good not to share

  1. Oh how precious this is! I too am going to post this on my blog. It is so precious!

  2. I love the new look! Great picture. And yes that video is too cute! Blessings, Lynn.

  3. Did I send this to you? I love this little girl!

  4. Cassie, just now catching up on your blog from the summer. . . I’m sorry for the loss of your family’s newest baby! I can only imagine, and pray for you – which I will!

    When might you be visiting your parents again? We can’t wait to see you – I would so love to meet your children!

    Hugs across the continent!

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