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Still working on saying children


I cannot count on my hands the number of times I’ve said kids these last few days!  How is it going for you?  Even though I continue to slip into old habits, I am going to keep trying to change this in my vocabulary.  Don’t give up!



Author: Cassie

Follower of Jesus, wife and mom to the most wonderful family I could ever ask for.

3 thoughts on “Still working on saying children

  1. I’m trying to do this too, it is a challenge!

  2. I have caught myself about to say or write “kid” or “kids” a lot lately…didn’t realize I said or wrote it that often! Thanks for the encouragement not to give up!

  3. How come my last 2 comments have not posted? Doing better Cassie. My children and husband keep me accountable and I am quick to correct my words when needed! 🙂 Missed talking with you at church today. Love you…see you Wed. 🙂

    (note from Cassie: I don’t know why, Lisa–there aren’t any comments waiting to be approved. I’m sorry they didn’t work.)

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