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What is God doing?


My friend Mistie and I were talking last night about miscarriage.  We’ve been friends for 13 years.  We got married within six months of each other, and we both had our first four children within 6 months of each other.  She just had her fifth child, but I’ve been having the recurrent miscarriage problem.  She had a miscarriage before her oldest was born, but she was healed of the cause when some friends prayed for her.  I’ve been prayed for as well, but I haven’t been healed.  She asked me, “So what do you think about it? What do you think God is doing?”  I’ve been thinking about her question ever since.

  1. God is teaching me to trust Him in difficulties, and especially in situations that seem to be opposite of His plan.
  2. God is humbling me, showing me that He is in charge of fertility and my ability to carry babies, that there is no place for pride regarding my health or how many children I have, and that I must completely rely on Him.
  3. God is growing my love for the four children He has already given me, making me more grateful for them, helping me to rejoice that I have been given the opportunity to be their mom; and  He is growing my affection for them. 
  4. God is opening my heart ever wider to the needs of orphans and increasing my desire to adopt.  He is making the motivation love rather than only duty.
  5. God is increasing my desire for more children, making me willing to accept His gifts however and whenever they come.  Rob is experiencing this also (and many of the other things) and wants a baby so much he cries about it when he prays for it.  I have been amazed and blessed as I have watched the Lord work this in my husband.
  6. God is using the miscarriages to glorify Himself and prepare us for a purpose known only to Him.  We were encouraged this morning when Rob read Luke 1 during family worship.  This passage tells the story of Zacharias and Elizabeth, who were both righteous and blameless in keeping the law, but who were childless.  Being barren was looked on as a curse for sin, but that obviously did not apply to them.  God had kept them barren so that He might be glorified when He gave John the Baptist to them–just as He made the beggar blind from birth so that He would be “revealed in him” when He healed him(John 9:3).  It is easy sometimes to think that God is punishing us, so these passages are comforting.  We do sin, but our hearts are receptive to God’s correction, and we are not knowingly hardening our hearts to Him.
  7. God is purifying our motives for wanting more children, and making our highest concern that which glorifies Him most.
  8. God does not waste any circumstance.                                                                                                          

 I hope these thoughts will encourage you in whatever difficult circumstance you find yourself.  God is at work.



Author: Cassie

Follower of Jesus, wife and mom to the most wonderful family I could ever ask for.

6 thoughts on “What is God doing?

  1. Our pastor has been going through the book of Job on Sunday mornings. It has been really good! This morning he was reminding us that Job didn’t have the scriptures like we do today! He served God, and was righteous, but didn’t have the scriptures and God’s promises to cling to like we do today! Then he asked us to give all the benefits of being a believer today. People started sharing all the promises that God gives us in His Word. All the things we have to look to, hope in, and cling to because we have the Word of God. It was really good. Life is hard, trials are hard, life is unfair sometimes, but we have God’s promises. And that gives us perspective and hope in these difficult things that happen, like you guys are facing. It doesn’t mean that we don’t hurt…but it gives us hope. I found that encouraging!
    Hang in there, Cassie!!!

  2. Thank you, that was encouraging. You know, we lost our baby girl that we were fostering. Even though we only had her 6 short weeks, it has been so painful. I long to have her back with us, yet we must trust that God is in control of every situation.

  3. It is so comforting to know that God is good, and His ways are good. These thougths are great.

    I love the pictures of the kids over the air vent…funny!

  4. Isn’t God good to teach us these things? Timely reminders! Thanks for sharing with us! 🙂

  5. Hi, I stumbled onto your blog today quite by chance, but I had to tell you about my dear friend who miscarried five times, all around six weeks. She learned that she had low thyroid AND low progesterone. The six week timing can be indicative of low thyroid. She learned this from Shonda Parker’s Mommy Diagnostics, and after showing this to her naturopath she was evaluated and found to have all the symptoms of low hypothyroid. After supplementing with natural thyroid and then progesterone when those levels were also found to be low, she just carried her healthy little daughter to term.

    I don’t know your situation if this is helpful or not, but just wanted to pass it on.
    Blessings to your family,

  6. Wow Cassie, everything you wrote is SO true! Thanks for remaining faithful and encouraging others; even through your own trials. What an example!

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