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The people God will use


While we were in Virginia, I had a conversation with a woman who told me that the religious groups such as Jehovah’s Witness, Muslims and Seventh Day Adventist were growing in that area because “seekers” are looking for people who are convinced that what they believe is THE truth, and who live in accordance with their beliefs. Unfortunately, many of our churches take the approach of trying to be as much like the world as they can, and being as entertaining as possible, in order to win people to Christ. 

But this does not work–if people wanted to be entertained, they would stay home and watch television.  They are sick of being entertained and are hungry for God’s truth.  They want to see believers who live what they believe in every area of their lives.  Believers like these are hard to find, and so, dissatisfied, seekers wander off to become Mormon, or Jehovah’s Witness.

If you are one who loves God, loves His word, and you are seeking to obey Him with all your heart–persevere. Who knows what God will do through you to reach the lost and advance His kingdom! 

As a woman, I am reminded that my primary ministry is in my home.  If I am faithful to pour out my life into my husband and children, the fruit of godliness can be passed down from generation to generation–impacting both the church and the world.  And as others look on wondering why we are different (God’s grace!) we may have an opportunity to share with them.

Another thing I have been freshly convicted of is the need to show hospitality to lost neighbors, lonely church members, new people at church, people with special needs–everyone within the body.  It is a command in Scripture, the most effective tool for relationship building and evangelism, a way for others to see into our lives, see love, see truth lived out, see humility when we sin and repent. . .

At the conference, fathers were urged to faithfully lead their families in family worship everyday, and do away with any distraction that gets in the way of that–it doesn’t have to be bad things.  “If there is anything that keeps you from doing this in your home, get rid of it!” they exhorted.  I say, “Amen!”  It is so important, and is a huge part in training people to know, believe, and live the truth. 

In honor of Reformation Day, our church watched the movie, Luther, last night.  One scene shows Martin Luther wrestling with God over whether or not to recant his position.  In the end he surrenders to God and refuses to recant.  Because one man was willing to die for his faith, many people have heard the true gospel and have been saved.  The God of Martin Luther is the same God we serve today.  Are we willing to stand firm on the truth, and live like we believe it, in every area that God has shown us so far?

God is faithful.  Keep pressing on.



Author: Cassie

Follower of Jesus, wife and mom to the most wonderful family I could ever ask for.

3 thoughts on “The people God will use


  2. On that note, Happy Reformation Day!

  3. One of our family’s movie favorites (not Elijah or Merry’s yet, but there’s time for that!)

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