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Christmas pictures


We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas with family and friends.  We have had a very enjoyable weekend together getting to spend time relaxing and just hanging out.  We don’t get much of that these days, so it was sooooo nice. 

My favorite gift this year has been having Christmas in my own home.  We usually go to my parents and then have Christmas with Rob’s parents/mom when we get home, and we enjoy that.  But there is something special about creating memories in your own home. 

We had been planning on having Christmas at Rob’s mom’s, but I get sick when we go there, and we wanted to spend the whole day together.  I had been worried about it as I usually only last a couple hours there.  So Rob decided to move it to our house, and she agreed.  Rob found a Christmas tree on sale Sunday afternoon and we pulled out our decorations that we made/bought several years ago but have hardly used.  Rob made the mantel decoration and the table centerpiece–they are beautiful.

Rob had off Christmas Eve so we cleaned house, finished decorations, did some baking, played games, had an early dinner and went to bed early.  Rob was playing blurt with the children and read this definition: a painful realization of having done something wrong.  Christopher said, “A spanking!”  The answer was supposed to be “guilt”.  🙂

Christmas morning, Matthew said to me, “Mommy, it feels like Papa and Grandma’s house!”  That meant so much to me, because we have many warm fuzzy memories from Christmases with my parents and he felt the same way in our home.

We had a hail storm Christmas morning and the ground actually looked white for a few minutes!  A rarity for us in Florida:)

My sister Katie and her daughter Nara came over for Brunch Christmas morning.  We had a simple meal of eggs, zuchini muffins and fruit salad.  Then Rob went to get his mom.  We read the Christmas story, and then sang carols on the phone to my parents.  We then proceeded to open presents which took a loooooong time!  That’s what happens when you open presents from all your family (extended and otherwise) all on the same day and don’t spread it out at different homes.  It was fun!

After the gifts were opened we had an early dinner of roast with vegetables (I broiled some salmon for my sister, since she is vegetarian), mashed potatoes and mashed yams, a green salad with rasberry vinegarette, and gingerbread with whipped cream.

The rest of the evening was spent enjoying gifts, playing games, talking, making phone calls. . .

We plan to spend the rest of the year reflecting on the past year and looking forward to the coming one.  We are taking off of school so I will have time to do some thinking and writing.  Life has been pretty hectic lately so I am looking forward to the “down” time.


Author: Cassie

Follower of Jesus, wife and mom to the most wonderful family I could ever ask for.

2 thoughts on “Christmas pictures

  1. So you had a white Christmas!!! 🙂 Your children are so cute and look so happy. It IS nice to have Christmas in your own home. We stayed home until 4pm then went to my mom’s (3 miles up the road) for dinner. It was really nice.

    Merry Christmas!

  2. It is late but I wanted to read and comment before heading to bed. Have been in GA for a few days with my family and wanted to catch up with everyone’s blogs. I slept most of the trip home today so it is taking me a while to wind down.

    So glad you got to have Christmas in your home. In 2000, we started the tradition of being in our home Christmas Eve and Morning. We love it and only missed that tradition last year when in GTMO, Cuba with Ryan’s parents for our final trip there. I am so glad that your children enjoyed it so much and that YOU didn’t seem to be home sick for your family much!

    I love the answer given in Blurt…I could see my boy saying the same think! That game reveals the heart huh? 🙂

    BEAUTIFUL tree and decorations. My hat off to Rob with his ideas and craftiness!

    Thanks for sharing all the pics! 🙂

    love you

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