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Iodine, Fluoride and Thyroid Function


My intention with these posts on health is to help others who may be struggling with issues similar to mine.  During our prayer time last night, I was praying for friends who need physical healing.  As I finished, I saw a picture of Jesus healing the humble and sick everywhere He went.  Even though our bodies are temporal, God does care about them. 

I mentioned to a friend that I thought I might be sensitive to iodine.  She quickly sent me an urgent e-mail saying that those who are sensitive to iodine are often also sensitive to fluoride, and to stop using fluoride toothpaste immediately.  She later sent links to the following articles:





http://wholelifetimes.com/2005/04/wh_lead0504.html (I found this later–a good introduction with links to other information)

One thing that these articles mention is that the body can confuse fluoride with iodine and that fluoride can displace iodine in your thyroid and cause thyroid disorders.  Hence the problem of being sensitive to both iodine and fluoride (I confirmed this with my doctor yesterday–she agreed that this is correct).

The following is a link to possible symptoms of fluoride poisoning/sensitivity:

http://slweb.org/ftrcpossiblesymptoms.html  I printed this out and had to highlight the majority of symptoms: arthritis, asthma, chronic fatigue, fatigue, food intolerances, gastrointestinal problems, gum disease despite good dental hygiene, heart palpitations and increased heart rate without exertion, skin problems, tea drinking causes upset stomach, gastric pain, heart palpitations and jitters similar to strong coffee, thyroid diseases.  There are more symptoms at the link, but these are mine.

I have narrowed down my problem foods to dairy, seafood, sea salt, seaweed products, eggs, wine/wine vinegar–I like to cook with these but had to stop because I have a horrible reaction to them, raisins, cream of tartar (which is a byproduct from wine making, tea: black, rooibos and other herbal tea, WATER, juices. . .I also have other food allergies like almonds and soy, but I avoid these always and these have not factored in to these other problems. 

Dairy – eggs in my list fit under an iodine sensitivity, but I still have these other mystery food sensitivities.  I have thought it strange that drinking tea, even decaf, makes me feel like my heart is going to beat itself out of my chest, and that rooibos causes gastric distress and gallbladder pain.  I had wondered why after dinner often I feel like my blood pressure goes way down, my head hurts, and my heart is racing.  I have wondered why I can never feel hydrated even though I drink a lot of water, and somehow that after I drink water I feel worse and not better.  In fact, sometimes my lungs start hurting.  I have also recently noticed (before my friend told me about fluoride) that my chest tightens and I have a harder time breathing while I am brushing my teeth.

During my research I found the USDA National Fluoride, Database of Selected Beverages and Foods, Release 2.  This is a wonderful resource!  I printed it out to make reading easier.  It lists the parts per million of fluoride in common foods and beverages.  All of my other problem foods are listed as being very high in fluoride!  Other foods, like rice and black pepper, have a medium amount and I can see that if you combine certain foods you would be getting a lot of fluoride from them as well.  I’ll give you a sampling of foods, below.  I do suggest looking at the document.  Even if you are not sensitive to fluoride, it is possible you and your family are overdosing.  After looking at these various resources, I definitely disagree with adding fluoride to our drinking supply. 

Tea, black, brewed, regular, all 3.73 ppm; Tea, black, brewed, decaf, all 2.69 ppm; Tea, green, brewed 1.15 ppm; Tea, herbal, chamomile, brewed 0.13 ppm; Tea, herbal, peppermint, brewed 0.90 ppm.

alcoholic beverage, wine, red 1.05 ppm; alcoholic beverage, wine, white 2.02 ppm–my wine vinegar is a blush color, and I react very strongly to this.  As a comparison, distilled alcoholic beverages, all 0.08 ppm. 

Juices are pretty high, partly because fluoridated water is usually used. 

Brewed coffee is 0.91 ppm.  Decaf is 0.52 ppm.  I don’t drink coffee, but I thought some of you might want to know how much it contains.

Unless you buy bottled water with added fluoride, most bottled water is very low in fluoride.  Aquafina has 0.05 ppm.  Propel Fitness Water has 0.02.  Others are a bit higher.  Tap water (municipal and well) has about 0.71 ppm.  Only a reverse osmosis filter will remove fluoride.  We filter our water, but the fluoride is still there.

rice, cooked 0.41 ppm, black pepper 0.34 ppm, iodized salt 0.02 ppm.  This combination has affected me many times!  Between the fluoride and the iodine. . .

fruits and veggies are mostly low, although organic would be a better choice because produce is sprayed with fluoride containing pesticides.  Definitely wash your produce and buy organic apples and berries, if you can.  These absorb a lot of pesticides.

White grape juice 2.13 ppm, raisins 2.34 ppm.

Baked potato chips 1.06 ppm, corn chips, tortilla chips 0.52 ppm

mature boiled beans, 0.02 ppm

You can find more info on the USDA document. 

I also found a tea website that said that “With the exceptions of fluoride and copper, the trace minerals in rooibos are not enough to make the tea a meaningful dietary source of minerals for the average consumer.”  I get a headache, feel funny, and have gastric problems every time I drink it.

Fluoride can cause thyroid disorders and infertility–I linked to that info above.  My TSH level was 4.2 in September and 4.8 in December.  I just had more blood-work done yesterday (almost 20 vials) and will be interested to see what my level is.  My doctors all tell me that my TSH level is normal and that this cannot be the cause of my miscarriages!  But my friend who has hashimotos told me that her specialist says that with levels over 4. one cannot typically carry a baby.  And according to the Amercan Association of Clinical Endocrinologists as of November 2002, a better normal range is 0.3 – 3.04.

My rheumatologist is sending me to an allergist, is checking all kinds of thyroid issues,  arthritis issues, is doing another complete metabolic workup, checking antiphosphilipid antibodies and will do a bone scan to check my bone density because of my celiac sprue.  I am getting the works!  The crazy thing is that my blood work shows that I am a very healthy person, but I feel horrible most of the time.  It points to a sensitivity, in my opinion.  I am grateful for these tests, because they can help rule out other causes of my problems.

Please pray that the allergist will be able to help me.  I am hoping he knows something about these kinds of sensitivities and will be able to tell me how best to handle them.  We will see!

In the meantime, I am drinking bottled water and avoiding fluoride and iodine as much as possible. 

Later: I just took a shower and now have a headache, my lungs hurt and I am having trouble breathing.  That could be caused by a combination of fluoride and chloride.  I have multiple chemical sensitivites (to things like chlorine, ammonia and synthetic fragrances and dyes).  We filter chlorine out of our drinking water, but not out of the rest of our water.  I am thinking of putting a chlorine filter in my shower head to see if that helps. 


Author: Cassie

Follower of Jesus, wife and mom to the most wonderful family I could ever ask for.

23 thoughts on “Iodine, Fluoride and Thyroid Function


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  3. I emmigrated to Canada in 2005. Within 6 months I developed issues (Stomach and blood pressure problems , Skin issues) and was diagnosed with hypothyroid. The issues dissapear when I return to my original home (Scotland – no fluoridation) and return shortly on coming back to Canada. I Am convinced this is Fluoride to blame but dont know how to convince my doctor. Despite a growing number of studies indicating the fluoride issues, and any benfit being disproven, Banning in more and more Countries, It seems as long as there is a ton of money to be made peddling this industrial by-product we are all going to suffer (and pay for the privilege)
    I hope the filters help for you.

    • oh, and i also have numerous diagnosed food allergies (yeast, sesame, bananas, and many veggies) and sensitive skin

  4. This is so odd. I was just searching online for info about Rooibos and headaches and found this. I love the Rooibos tea, but after drinking it at night I get a headache. Coincidentally, a few years ago my thyroid test came back as somewhat underactive, though i was not put on medication; however, lately I’ve been feeling / thinking like i need to get my thyroid checked again due to some recent, quick, and unexplainable weight gain. Now wondering if these could be linked.

  5. Hi, just thought you might like to know that you can still have normal blood results and have a thyroid problem, this site has a lot of info http://www.stopthethyroidmadness.com


    • I agree Ellen. There is a newer range that is more accurate, but a lot of doctors still rely on the older range. My doctor uses the newer range, and I feel much better because he has me at a good level using Armour Thyroid and Iodoral (iodine). The two together has been beneficial, whereas taking one or the other doesn’t seem to be enough for me.

  6. I came across your website on a fluke and want to encourage you to still continue to take iodine even though you think you might be reacting to it.

    Most of what you have sounds like food allergies due to lack of iodine.

    I have had heart palpitations for 2 years, and after taking iodine for 2 mos. they finally went away. I am starting to think more clearly and become observant of things I missed in the past!

    We converted our old water softener to a whole house filter. We used various charcoals to remove the chlorine and some of the flouride and heavy metals. We use a filter to remove more out of our drinking water.

    Removing carpeting will be helpful as well, as carpeting, furniture, mattresses are all coated with Bromine, the other toxic hallide. I encourage you to read, “Iodine Why You Need It, Why You Can’t Live Without It” and start looking at other Dr. Brownstein’s books. I also avoid chocolate and coffee, rich in bromine which interferes with Iodine absorption and stay away from store bought breads and cookies etc. which are either bleached and/or bromated.

    I just wrote all of this and realized this post I came across is really old… so please disregard if you have already found healing. God bless!

    • Thank you so much, Chariise. I just now saw this comment! I did not know about the furniture, carpeting and mattresses containing bromine! And I agree about taking the iodine. The reaction to iodine is usually a sign of it displacing toxic chemicals from our bodies, and this does get better as our bodies detox and rebuild the iodine stores.

      Thank you again.

  7. Hi Charise. Thank you for your helpful comments. God has healed me, for which I am VERY thankful! On the iodine, I completely agree with our need for it. My problem at the time I wrote this post was that my toxin load was so high that even low levels of iodine made me really sick with detox symptoms. So I had to back off those foods for a while and let my body detox more slowly so I could function. And as I started to get better I was able to add more and more foods rich in iodine. I now eat high iodine foods daily and feel great. Blessings! Cassie

  8. Praise the Lord! So glad you are healed. I’ll be trying the detox regime myself in the hope it cures my thyroid nodules with occasional hyperT.

  9. I am hypothyroid and had aches, pains, chronic tiredness, weight gain, mood swings…. the list goes on & on…. for over 30 years before diagnosed. The synthetic thyroid meds worked for a while and then all then the aches, tiredness, weight gain and mood swings returned. I found out about fluoride about 3 months ago and we bought a reverse osmosis filter which we rigged up so we could shower, cook and drink the filtered water. We bought magnesium powder and oil, multimineral powder, high grade calcium and Lugols iodine which we mixed up everyday to drink. We’re careful about the food we eat, as much as we can be. I gave up smoking. We recently went through the pantry and threw out absolutely everything that contained aspartame, soy and other poisonous additives and preservatives (Google “The Chemical Maze”). The only packaged food we buy now is from an organic marketplace. We stopped drinking tea, coffee and milk and now only drink organic dandelion. We make our own juices, grow our own wheatgrass and have only recently started growing our own vegetables. All my aches and pains have disappeared so I put that down to fluoride. The chronic tiredness and mood swings still dog me and now I need to stop taking iodine for a week to see if it’s the cause. Then I need to see my doctor and insist on taking Armour Porcine thyroid meds instead of the synthetic. That’s been our journey so far.

  10. I know this is not a recent post but I’m wondering how you are doing. I have a “iodine” allergy, I am also researching possible causes of my fibromyalgia symptoms. Thanks for the post. Great info!

    • Hi Christiana,

      I am doing really well. What I have realized is that halogens such as fluoride, chlorine and bromine displace iodine in the body and taking iodine or eating iodine rich foods will detox or displace these halogens and heal the body–but this is a painful process, thus the allergy type symptoms. If you would like more info you can look at my recent posts on detox. I am sure it would help your fibromyalgia as well. I am pretty convinced that fibromyalgia is related to a toxin overload.

  11. I’ve had hypothyroidism for around 6-7 years now. We also suffered infertility, but then found a doctor in New York who takes a revolutionary approach by doing antibiotic therapy, which worked, and we became pregnant immediately. My thyroid was the best ever while pregnant, and pretty good while nursing for a year. After that, it went downhill, and I put on almost all the weight I did while pregnant, even though it didn’t look like it. I was so depressed about it, and had my thyroid checked. It came out completely normal, in fact, pretty good. So I became very strict by keeping a food journal (I still cheat here and there, but not as much) and an exercise journal. My bathroom scale has been broken, but I noticed my clothes felt a little better, but my weight still seemed stuck. Lately, they started feeling looser again and my sister who hadn’t seen me for a month thought I lost weight. So I wondered what could have made the change if for so long I was stuck and all of a sudden doing better without any major lifestyle changes? We got a letter in the mail yesterday from the city about their decision to eliminate fluoride from our water. I knew it was coming, but didn’t realize they did it a couple of weeks ago. Wondering if that’s the reason for my sudden loose feeling in clothes and my sister thinking I lost weight. I’ve tried non-fluoride toothpaste in the past though, and didn’t care for it. It doesn’t freshen the mouth as much, so I think just eliminating a big source of fluoride like my water, will probably be enough.

  12. I used to have the same problems that everyone here described until I discovered that without adequate selenium, our bodies can’t tolerate iodine or fluoride. I started taking selenium in small amounts each day 25-100 MCG (Not MG) and tried to eat foods high in selenium. Corrected my problem entirely. It’s worth a try, just be careful not to take too much selenium. The upper tolerable limit is 400MCG, but I’d stay under 200 MCG just to be on the safe side. I also take it in small increments through the day so my blood pressure doesn’t drop too quickly all at once.

  13. Hi Cassie – what a blessing to find your site! I have been dealing with bad health issues the past year and have struggled to figure out what’s going on! About a month and a half ago I found a website of another woman that seemed to have the same issues I did – cystic acne on certain parts of my face, body pain, tendonitis, dermatitis, food sensitivities, multiple chemical sensitivities, etc. And hers was due to fluoride! I then realized that all my problems started after I began drinking a lot of green tea and adding a lot of iodinzed salt to my food! I thought the iodine was an issue and stopped but the other issues kept getting worse. I should have gotten a clue when I stopped the fluorided toothpaste and some of my neck and chin cleared up. But it wasn’t until lately that I started putting 2 and 2 together!

    I tried to tell this to my doctor and she does not believe it at all. She feels it’s because I am very underweight. (I was anorexic for many years and have been trying to gain weight this past year and get healthy – which is why I started drinking green tea and eating more fruits and veges in the first place! Non organic fruits and veges) I have gotten a reverse osmosis system, gone organic, and cut out all the foods that I know have fluoride and are high iodine. I have seen great improvement in my skin and how I feel already! The bad thing is that I am so limited on foods right now and it takes a long time to try one food, see if you react to it, and then stop if you do. Probably a week to 2 week turn around to again try another food.

    You’re website has been such a blessing – I know God is in control and as our Savior knows all and will see us through everything. I am so thankful for Him as I should have died many times over by now! I am desperate to gain weight but have to try to take my time and not rush. (Although that’s hard!) After reading your blogs I have a couple questions I hope you would not mind answering! You mentioned that after a while you could start having foods with higher amounts of iodine again. How long was that after you stopped all the fluoride and were detoxing? I tried some foods about 2 weeks after and had horrible effects so I am assuming that was way too early! Do you have a Dr or Nutritionist’s name that I could contact that understands the fluoride poisoning and I could talk to? How long did it take after stopping fluoride to really start seeing major differences?

    Thanks so much! God bless you for sharing this information with us!

    • Hi Laura,

      It is so good to hear from you and I am glad you have figured out what is going on, so you can now do something about it. I can certainly relate! I almost died last year, and the only reason I am still here is that God healed me.

      I cannot really tell you how long it will take for you to be able to eat the other foods. It depends on how “toxic” you are. God healed me and spared my life last year, and then I got pregnant and had a baby girl in January. I reacted to the pitocin and had a pretty bad detox from that, and then I started eating sardines every day for the minerals. I did not realize that sardines are high in fluoride and after several months I started having fluoride poisoning symptoms again. I am still detoxing from that after about 6 months–but I am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

      The healthy foods that make you feel bad are doing so because they are so loaded with minerals and antioxidants that they are able to adjust the blood levels of those nutrients and then go searching for toxins in your bones and tissues, which will make you feel bad. So then you have to take in even more nutrients to make yourself feel good again. It is kind of a tug of war. I have found that juicing carrots, celery, apples and cucumber is a safe way to detox and rebuild. You will want to start with a small amount and build up. It will detox you pretty fast–that is why you want to be careful. I think if you do this daily it could really speed up your healing. The other thing I have done is make a blended veggie soup and green smoothies. These are a little more gentle, but you still need to be careful. If any of these things make you feel bad, drink a little more until you feel better. You should also take milk thistle several times a day.

      Fluoride allows heavy metals, especially aluminum, to take up residence in your brain, specifically the pineal gland in the back of your head. Fluoride itself is attracted there, the thyroid gland and the lower back–and to a lesser degree other parts of your body. When detoxing you may notice pains in your legs and arms as well. Sometimes you will have pain in your lungs too. Gentle walking when you feel bad can really help clear it out–a slow mile is usually enough. You do not want to exercise too hard because that will release a lot of toxins into your bloodstream at once. Gentle walking and stretching is very helpful though.

      You may want to avoid difficult to digest foods like eggs and dairy while you are detoxing. Fluoride damages the GI tract–and when your body sends the loosened toxins to be eliminated a lot of them are sent to the GI (also kidneys, skin, lungs) and this can cause temporary damage and make it harder for you to digest food. Your body uses magnesium to produce enzymes, but a lot of the magnesium you take in will be used to detox you–so your diet has to be adjusted.

      I use kelp to detox (because it is high in iodine and other trace minerals). I like to use the powder because I can control how much I am getting. It is very effective at getting rid of Fluoride and heavy metals. When I am really toxic I only take a couple grains a day and gradually build up as I feel able. I recommend doing this but please go slowly. You may want to avoid sea salt (I usually use the celtic sea salt which has iodine) and use kosher salt instead. I used to have to do that. The sea salt used to make me feel very sick when my F poisoning was really bad (I also had poisoning from other things). Detoxing really uses up your body’s supply of iodine so you don’t want to go without it completely.

      If you are sensitive to Fluoride, you should avoid black and green teas and roobios teas which are all VERY high in Fluoride. You also want to stay away from chlorine and bromine and ammonia, and other toxins and allergens–these all add to your body’s toxin load and make it harder to heal. Synthetic perfumes are particularly toxic, as is fabric softener. Avoid pharmaceuticals and over the counter meds. Avoid surgery. I use herbs and whole foods for all my health concerns and they really do work. I especially love herbal teas–they are easy to use and are very effective. Tinctures are also great. I have a large closet full of buckets of 1# bags of herbs. But you don’t have to go to that extreme. Especially if you are willing to spend the money for tinctures.

      Another thing you can do is get some magnesium chloride flakes (Ancient Minerals is a good brand) to use in foot soaks, baths and to make magnesium oil. The magnesium is an effective detoxer–just PLEASE start slowly and be careful. The magnesium will also use potassium and sodium to neutralize the toxins and the more magnesium you take in the more of these minerals you will need. Keep track of your temperature and try to avoid sudden drops in temp. While you are detoxing you will probably not have a normal 98.6 temp during the day. It is okay if it gets low, as long as it doesn’t drop really fast. When it gets low focus on taking in more potassium rather than adding more magnesium. The magnesium will make your temp go even lower if your potassium is not high enough. You will probably notice that after eating high magnesium foods or supplements that you get hungry really fast and your temp may dip. Eat as often as you need to to stay feeling okay. Sometimes that might be every hour. Some foods like nuts are REALLY high in magnesium and you may need to avoid these for a time when you are super toxic. Anything green with chlorophyll is high in magnesium. You want to eat these but when you are really sick you have to go slowly. I got some NOW brand potassium chloride powder to add to my baths–it has really helped make these baths and foot soaks safer for me. 1 TBS of potassium to 1 cup mag flakes plus about 1/2 TBS sea salt is what I use in baths. I also take the potassium with juice or water when I take magnesium or by itself if my temp is really low. I suspect I may have a salt wasting disorder which wastes sodium, potassium and magnesium–I think this may have made me super sensitive to toxins. Your sensitivity may simply be because of not eating enough for many years.

      Do not over do the plain water–you will be having trouble keeping your blood levels of minerals normal during detox and plain water will further dilute it. I drink a lot of veggie and bone broths as well as fresh veggie juices, sometimes mixed half and half with warm water. Again start slowly with these as well, because the broths are very potent detoxifiers. Do not drink anything cold. It will further drop your temperature and will make it harder for you to heal. Stay warm as best as you can. Herbal teas are also helpful–I like nettle, chamomile, red raspberry, rose hips, hibiscus, etc. These are very hydrating. I also take nettle capsules to help keep my lungs healthy, especially when they are hurting from detoxing.

      Another thing you should do is eat probiotic foods and or take a strong probiotic supplement. Start small with these and work up as you get better.

      I am sorry I do not have a Dr. who I can recommend to you. Most doctors are not aware of the dangers of Fluoride. I became an herbalist specifically so I could help others like me. The people who helped me a few years ago were into New Age stuff and I saw the need for Christians to learn so we could help others without the false religious stuff. If you have any other questions I would be happy to talk with you or e-mail. Just let me know. You can also learn a lot about Fluoride poisoning at http://www.fluoridealert.org/ and http://www.slweb.org/ftrcsymptoms.html The people at Second Look helped me when I first started.

      Love in Christ,

  14. Thanks for your post. I have been trying to eliminate fluoride after being ill for months and no health coverage. I was so tired I would sleep for 10-12hrs. a day, often dozing off in mid-sentence on the couch. I’ve been on Synthroid and Armour for a decade but my T3/T4 levels plummeted this winter. Then I found out the local water company started fluoridating in ’07, news to me. My kidneys aren’t optimal now either, another organ that suffers with fluoride. I didn’t realize that so many of those foods were high in fluoride, thanks for informing us. I’m not sure if extra iodine is good or bad for me, I’ve had varied results so use it cautiously. I drink spring water and am going to buy a reverse osmosis. So hard to know what’s good for us these days, lots of misinformation and trial and error. Thank God for His goodness and all your info-sharing. May you be well and God bless you.

    • Dear Lisa,

      I am sorry you have been experiencing all these results of F poisoning. I can certainly relate to the intense fatigue and falling asleep in mid-sentence–not fun, especially when trying to read to my children or drive a car.

      There is quite a bit on my blog about dealing with F poisoning and thyroid problems, but I am also available to help if you need that.

      You mentioned kidney problems–I recommend taking milk thistle. Milk thistle protects and heals the liver and kidneys and helps to purify the blood. It has literally saved my life multiple times. Make sure you get a good quality milk thistle with as few ingredients as possible. You can get capsules or tinctures. For healing you can take up to 600 mg per day, divided into several doses. The milk thistle should be standardized to contain 80% silymarin. This is a safe herb and you can take it with other medicines.

      Do you have auto-immune thyroid problems? If so, probiotics and probiotic foods such as saurkraut (fresh, not canned) can help heal the GI tract where antibodies are formed and this in turn can return your thyroid to better function. A really good one is VSL#3. It is pricey but it works incredibly well.

      For the thyroid, it is important to identify any food allergies or sensitivities and avoid them. Gluten and dairy are common thyroid antogonists. Some nutrients that are helpful are vitamin D 4,000 IU/day or more (use a natural version), probiotics at least 10-15 billion units daily, omega 3 oils such as cod liver oil ( I like Carlsons with lemon) and flax oil. There are other options for omega 3s as well. Leafy greens are also a good source. And iodine as you can tolerate it.

      Iodine displaces fluoride and other toxins and heavy metals, so it is important for healing, BUT it works very well and fast so you have to take it SLOWLY or you will be miserable. I use kelp powder so I can get just a few specks of it if that is all I can handle.

      Magnesium chloride baths and foot soaks will detox the fluoride and rebuild your magnesium stores. Here is a helpful article on magnesium. I do not vouch for the rest of the website though: http://www.health-science-spirit.com/magnesiumchloride.html You can also make an oral solution. The article tells you how to do this. Green vegetables, green smoothies, green blended veggie soups, etc are all great sources of magnesium as well.

      Juicing is so important for getting rid of the toxins and rebuilding your vitamin and mineral stores. You can improve very quickly using the fresh vegetable juices. A good basic blend is carrot, apple and celery. You can use other things as well. Start with a small amount and increase the amount as you tolerate the amount of detox it provokes.

      Keep track of your temperature during the day using a temporal scan thermometer (forehead thermometer). If it is low, which it probably will be, increase the amount of potassium rich foods in your diet. During detoxification, your body will use up large amounts of magnesium, potassium and sodium. Oranges are good to eat for raising potassium levels. I eat several a day if I have to, along with other fruits and vegetables. I have successfully used the temperature method of healing my body (keeping track and eating to raise it) for a few years and recently I found this article that confirmed what I had been doing. http://www.naturallyknockedup.com/raise-basal-body-temperature/

      When you get your RO system, make sure it is either one that replaces the minerals it removes OR add mineral drops to your glass of water. Empty water will deplete your body more and make it harder to get well again.

      I hope that helps. Again, if I can help you in any way please don’t hesitate to ask.


  15. Hello, I have had ‘epstein barr’ or Fybro for years now after being on heavy heavy antibiotics 15 years ago while pregnant, with doctors playing patty cake and guessing with my health, had a severe tooth infection in 2 molars and had them removed 14 months ago, and was horribly ill from the antibiotics ~ which caused all my glands to clog up (I think)… I cut out cows milk, started drinking Rooibos tea with rose hips and ginger and honey and started seeing an acupuncture.and herbal therapy doctor ~ due to all these problems, tummy upset weight loss fatigue skin (eczema) etc. He said I too have one low thyroid and one high thyroid but we can treat that with kelp. ANy ideas? I do have to say, he helped A LOT with the acupunture with my tmj and neck issues! and I am hopeful to get the thyroids balanced naturally as well. This is horrible, for over a year with 5 children, and my husband had cancer, I am just at my limit. We are planting our own garden this spring, have our own chickens for eggs, and are getting milking goats ~ but any info that works will help so much! p.s we also switched to sea salt due to my husbands problems.

  16. Your problem is not iodine! The iodine kicks out the flourine and bromine and you get a detox reaction. You must build up the iodine very slowly and get rid of the others to get healthy again. Go to http://www.breastcancerchoices.org and look under iodine. Start very slow and with very very small amounts. And do their Salt Protocol to help with the detox. It is healing me of MCS!!!

    • You are absolutely right! I have since learned this about iodine and used it exactly as you are suggesting. Other places on the blog talk about this. Thank you for your suggestion.

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