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Things I am thankful for

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We got to visit our friends David and Sarah this past weekend.  We had a fun time catching up.  We inevitably talk about good books when we get together.  We can’t help it–they love books and we do too.  We have a pretty good size library of books, many of which we need to read, but whenever we go to another friend’s house we are drawn to their bookshelves and come away with books to read!  We borrowed what look to be some good read-alouds for Rob and me, and one for our family.  Our Sarah monopolized David’s attention, and had him drawing all kinds of things on her magnadoodle pad.  She sat with him almost the whole time we were there.


Speaking of good books, we just finished Little Britches, by Ralph Moody.  It is a true story about Ralph and his family moving out to Colorado to become ranchers.  Ralph learns good lessons about honesty, integrity, hard work, etc.  We had some good discussions with our boys as we read through it on Sunday evenings, and it was enjoyable to read.  Rob did edit a few places where some ranch hands take God’s name in vain repeatedly.  Ralph doesn’t do it, and even mentions that in the book.  We are looking forward to reading the rest of the books in the series.

God has blessed me this week with the helpfulness of my children.  Matthew had gotten ready for bed quickly, the other night, and then he came back to the kitchen and started cleaning it with me without being asked.  The light bulb came on for me then, and I asked him if he’d like to do that every night!  He is almost eight.  He and Christopher helped me again tonight. 

Today Laura brought the mop to me and asked me to get it ready for her.  She mopped all the uncarpeted floors without being asked.  She then went into the kitchen, pulled up the stool to the sink and washed a bowl.  She is two years old! 

laura-cleaning7.jpglaura-cleaning6.jpglaura-cleaning5.jpg laura-cleaning4.jpglaura-cleaning3.jpglaura-cleaning2.jpglaura-cleaning1.jpg

God has put together a neat group of ladies to do the Psalms study with me.  There are several from our church, plus two other friends I know from our Breadbeckers co-op and 4-H, two women from Kentucky, one of whom used to go to my church and knows everyone there, and one in Japan who also used to go to the church.  We are all very excited to get started!  My friend Adina had told me about the study, and I knew I was supposed to share the material with others, so I prayed that the Lord would work it out how He wanted it to be. I never would have guessed that we would be doing this.  I love it when you take your hands off and God does what He wants, and it turns out better than you thought it would.  We are going to use a blog format to discuss the study.  I don’t think any of us have ever done it quite like this before, so please pray that God will guide us and that we will be able to keep each other accountable even though we are not all together.  By the way, Kristie Gant is a wonderful woman of God and I highly recommend her studies.  They are good whether you do them in a group or on your own.  The workload is reasonable and would be good for homeschoolers.  Please visit her at www.athomestudies.com.

God has blessed me by helping me start a business.  It is just in its early stages, and at this point I am doing several things to make money–like selling off stuff we don’t need, but eventually we want to have a co-op type business especially for people who have food and chemical allergies.  In the meantime, God is providing families that I can make GF bread mix for, and I really enjoy it.  I love providing a service/product, and getting to help people figure out what they need to do to be healthy.  The more I do it the more I am convinced that I would enjoy it on a larger scale.  I’ve been praying, and God has been blessing it, so we are moving forward.  Please pray for wisdom.  Eventually we will be moving to Virginia, Lord willing, and that is where we want to turn it into something bigger.  I think God is preparing us for that time.   

We pray for wisdom for EVERYTHING, and it is so wonderful to see God answering our prayers.  He doesn’t always do what we want, but He always does what is best.  We have our own ideas of how things should work out and sometimes His way hurts, because we have to give up our ideals.  Leaving churches, having miscarriages, having strange reactions to foods and chemicals, thinking about Rob quitting his job, moving to a new place, trying to start a business–well, it is scary.  But God is sovereign and He takes care of us!  Pray that we will trust Him, and do things His way, in His time.

I am thankful to be alive.  I am thankful that God is showing me the things I am allergic to so I can avoid them.  Yesterday I had a horrible reaction to my vitamins–within minutes of taking them I got really hot.  My whole body was beet red and I felt dizzy, got a headache, had joint swelling, etc.  Rob was home still, and didn’t leave for work until I started cooling off.  I was scared.  “What do I do?” I kept saying.  I drank lots of water, took some benadryl and took some minerals that help neutralize allergic reactions.  That helped, but I was varying shades of red for hours.  I don’t know if it was the preservative in them, or if it was iodine that might be in the trace mineral part of it, or what???  All I know is that I won’t be taking those again!

I am thankful for understanding friends who take their plug-in/air freshener things out of the wall hours before I come over so that I will be able to breathe when I am at their house, and others who blow scented candles out when I ask them to.  I am thankful for friends who get rid of their plug-ins altogether because they know I am going to be over regularly.  They don’t have to do that, but they value friendship and are willing to make sacrifices. 

I am thankful for friends who invite us over to eat even though it means a lot of extra effort on their part to prepare foods I can eat; who are even willing for me to bring my own food and aren’t offended if I can’t eat their specialty.

I am thankful for the body of Christ, biblical teaching, mutual edification of friends, answered prayer, the word of God, my family.

I am thankful that when people laughingly say we have our hands full (of children) as if they feel sorry for us, we can laugh because they have no idea how BLESSED we are.  (This happened to Lisa and me today when we were walking with our combined total of eight children).  And I am thankful for the woman who recently told me, “Oh my!  How wonderful!” as I walked past her in the parking lot.  I think she was preparing me to handle the woman who walked into the bathroom at Walmart and sang “1, 2, 3, 4, I want more!”  She then walked into her stall and yelled, “Not!” 

I am thankful that God chooses to use us to minister to others in ways we least expect, and at the same time sends people to minister to us.

And I am thankful for the friends who take the time to read my thoughts.


Author: Cassie

Follower of Jesus, wife and mom to the most wonderful family I could ever ask for.

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