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I awoke yesterday with a prayer already going through my mind–A prayer originating from God, not from myself.  I wrote furiously in my journal, trying to get it all down before I should forget it.  At church, the theme was total surrender to God and complete dependence on Him: the same theme as my prayer.  I was blessed knowing that God had prepared me to receive the message at church. 

During my prayer time I had reaffirmed my commitment to go anywhere and do anything that the Lord called me to.  As I sat through the service, the Lord brought some things to my mind that I could do to serve Him.  But they were not the glamorous kinds of things I had thought of when I was praying.  They were simple things.  I need constant reminders that the Lord wants me to be faithful in the small things, and that ministry happens everyday in the circumstances we are living in.  Unless the Lord gives us a definite call to leave those circumstances (for me leaving would include leaving WITH my family, I just want to make that clear!), we ought to be content to zealously serve in the trenches of daily life.

As I have acted on God’s instructions to me, I have already seen glimpses of a work that God is doing, here in the small things.  He is wonderful!


Author: Cassie

Follower of Jesus, wife and mom to the most wonderful family I could ever ask for.

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