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Titus 2 Woman

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God has blessed me with a friend who purposely lives out the command to older women in Titus 2:3-5 to teach the younger women.  I am thankful for her and would like to honor her here. 

My friend T spends time with the Lord each day and then writes encouraging e-mails to her church family about what the Lord showed her in her study, usually with very practical applications.  Everyone I know loves to get her e-mails.  She says she isn’t eloquent, and that she feels like a Moses, but she says profound things frequently. 

She opens up her home to the women and children of the church several times a month for “tea”.  Everything is beautifully decorated, and she prepares a lavish feast consisting of brunch and lunch.  Hot water for tea or coffee is always available.  During tea she leads us in a Bible study and prayer time.  I have been blessed by her focus on sharing the Word with us and not only having us over to chat and encourage each other (we do that too).  As one husband said to her, “When my wife comes home from tea she is always encouraged,  and maybe even convicted, but definitely always encouraged.”

T is an encourager who sees the good God is doing in each of our lives.  She is a servant who goes out of her way to bless us, through hugs, cards, and daily prayers, among other things. 

She faithfully serves her husband, who is not a believer, and submits to his leadership.  She blesses her children and grandchildren by pouring herself into their lives, especially during the challenging times. 

I know she feels inadequate and not as gifted as some, but, because she rests in God’s grace, He is using her in very significant ways in the lives of all around her.  Thank you, T.


Author: Cassie

Follower of Jesus, wife and mom to the most wonderful family I could ever ask for.

One thought on “Titus 2 Woman

  1. Cassie-I second your words wholeheartedly!

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