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God is at work. . .even when we can’t see it

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My heart is full.  I cannot express my thoughts well but. . .God has His people, His remnant, and they are everywhere.  He is at work in the mega church in the city, and the little church in the country.  That doesn’t mean that I think anything goes when it comes to church, but it does mean that God does not fit neatly into any box we try to squeeze Him into. 

We must never think that our local church is the best church in town, or that no one teaches doctrine like we do, or that (insert distinctive here).  God has His church and it doesn’t fit neatly in between the walls of a particular building.  Our churches should have distinctives, don’t misunderstand me.  Especially high on the list of distinctives should be a commitment to teaching the whole word of God and applying it to everyday life. 

God puts us in the local body He wants us to be a part of.  All of us desire to be in a healthy church, and it is refreshing to have that opportunity, but we can’t idolize church perfection either.  There are times He sends believers as “missionaries” to struggling churches.  They may not understand their assignment.  It might not be fun.  Other Christians will look down on them for being part of “that” congregation (I know because I have judged others for this myself).  That church may be dying.  But there might be one person or family who is hungry for truth in that congregation they are able to minister to, or just maybe God (who can do the impossible) desires to turn the whole congregation around.   God’s ways do not always make sense to us, but He is working, and He will be glorified. 

One day we will look at the amazing tapestry God is weaving and we will fall down and worship, realizing how small our understanding has been of our great and mighty God.  One day we will worship the Lord with men, women and children from every tribe, nation and tongue.  Imperfect people, all, except that the blood of Jesus has purchased us for Himself.  We are nothing.  He is everything.  Let us cling to nothing more than Christ, and Him crucified, and His precious word.  Let us love in word and in deed, doing good to all men, and especially to those who are of the family of God. 

God strengthen and keep you if you are one of those faithful Elijahs God has called to the lonely work of serving in a dying church.  Entrust yourself to God and hold fast to what is true.  God knows where you are.  You may never receive the recognition of men, but God will reward your faithful obedience to His call.  Don’t lose heart or give up.  He is with you always.  I love you faithful brother, faithful sister.  God loves you more.


Author: Cassie

Follower of Jesus, wife and mom to the most wonderful family I could ever ask for.

One thought on “God is at work. . .even when we can’t see it

  1. Thank you so much for sharing those precious words with us Sis! I totally agree! If we go back to the word and read, we will be reminded that the church is the whole body of Christ! It is true that it is easy for us to get so comfortable in our own church that we forget that when God said for us to pray for one another, it wasn’t just our immediate family in our church building, it was for the body of Christ as a whole! We are all to be working for the same goal and to receive the same prize and we should seek to lift one another up and encourage on another in running the race together and when one is getting tired or has fallen down, we should be there to help pick them up or encourage them to press on.
    I love you sis!

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