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Be Faithful Today

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The following is a transcription from a seminary class by Jerram Barrs on the life of Francis and Edith Schaeffer. I was very much blessed and challenged by these thoughts. If you’d like to read or listen to the rest of this and other classes go to http://www.covenantseminary.edu/worldwide/default.asp This particular class is Francis A. Schaeffer: The Early Years: Move to Europe. The whole series is fascinating.

“Take people seriously, the people God brings into your life, rather than thinking, “Well, somewhere in the future God will have something for me to do. Maybe He will have some big thing down the road.” What He asks us to do is to be faithful now. There is a really a important biblical principle. If we are faithful in the little things that God gives us to do today, He in His design will give us something bigger to be faithful with later on. But in a way there is never anything bigger. Because it is those people we meet today, those little things we have to do today, that are the important things. Life is actually made up of little things, all of life. There is not some big thing around the corner where the grass will be greener and where we will be more able to be used by God. What God asks us to do is to be faithful today, to pray that today He will be pleased to use us to build His kingdom. We are to pray today that we will be faithful in serving people, in loving them, in living the truth before them. We are to pray that He will bring us in contact with people He desires us to communicate with. Not at some point in the future when I am prepared, when my vision is worked out, or when I have the kind of ministry I ought to be doing, but now. That is what matters to God. This is a very important thing, I think.

Over and over again at L’Abri we had people coming to us who would have this wonderful vision of how they were going to be used by God in our work. And you know, they would sometimes write and say, “We are coming, and we hope to join you in your work.” Or they would just turn up and say, “You know, we have heard about this work, and we want to come and join you. I have these gifts and those
gifts, and God has called me to this and God has called me to that.” But, while you have to take those things seriously, what we were really interested in was seeing people who were prepared to be faithful in the little things every day-faithful in washing the dishes, faithful in talking to people who were lonely, faithful in showing integrity in everything they did, faithful in seeking to grow in their understanding of God’s Word, and faithful in praying for people.

All of the things nobody sees, those are the things that really matter. Those are the things in which God is actually preparing us for whatever He has for us to do in the future. Be faithful in the little things. It is little things like the loaves and fishes that God is able to multiply into something bigger. You know, it is a very profound thing; it is like the parable of the mustard seed, which is something really little that God is able to take and make into something big in His time and in His way. We have to have that biblical understanding that now is the moment that counts, today God is calling me to serve Him-not tomorrow when He has created some “ideal” situation for me, but right here and now.”


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