Sweet Like Honey

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Come, Follow Me




My Child, I hear your prayer

You ask Me to use you

But it’s not what you think

Stop looking for your one big thing


I know that you love Me

You try to obey

You want to glorify Me

This is what I ask:


Will you wash the feet of My saints

Walk the long and dusty road

Make yourself of no account

That I may be lifted up


Will you go to the least of these

Count yourself the least of them

Ever thankful for the mercy

You know you don’t deserve


Will you die as a grain of wheat falls

Lay your dreams of honor down

Make Me your treasure and

Long for nothing more


I walked this road before you

I will be with you

This path is not easy

The world will call you “fool”


All you give up

Will not compare

 to the glory

I’ll share with you


Come follow Me


Author: Cassie

Follower of Jesus, wife and mom to the most wonderful family I could ever ask for.

3 thoughts on “Come, Follow Me

  1. Wow! Who wrote this? I was trying to find words to encourage my pastor after he finished the bike ride today. He is being swept with many emotions as this journey comes to a close. These words are so perfect. May I share them?

  2. I wrote it yesterday. I am glad it is encouraging to you and will pray for your pastor. Feel free to share it.

  3. Cassie, Those words touched my heart so much!

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