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Of Grandmothers and children

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The children and I were blessed to be part of a friend’s mom’s memorial service today.  I did not know his mom, but wanted to go support his family–the service was wondeful, I got to visit with old friends and my sister, and the children all did great.  I was so glad they could sit and be part of the service and learn from it.  There was a lot of singing and the boys kept looking at me like, “Oh, I love that song!”  Matthew talked about the pastor’s sermon all evening. 

My friend Nancy went with us and we enjoyed good fellowship there and back.  On the way home, Laura fell asleep and wasn’t aware of when we dropped Nancy off at her house.  We pulled into our driveway and Laura woke up, looked around and started crying.  We came inside the house and she was still crying and saying something unintelligible, so I dropped my stuff, picked her up and cuddled with her on the couch.  I put my ear close to her and asked her what she was trying to tell me.

“Where is the other mom?” she asked.  “I want the other mom to come home too.”  It made me cry.  She obviously was very blessed by Nancy’s grandmotherly presence.  It made me even more thankful for Nancy, and it made me miss my mom who would love to spend time with her grandchildren but who lives several hours away. 

Rob’s mom lives around the corner from us, but we aren’t able to spend much time together.  She came over for Laura’s 3rd birthday, which was last Sunday, and the excitement on Laura’s face and in her voice was almost heartbreaking.  She had it all planned out, how Grandma would park in our driveway, walk up the sidewalk, walk on a particular path through the house and sit on her stool at the table.  Laura even got the stool ready for her grandma.  As soon as her grandma parked her car, Laura flew out the door yelling “Gramma’s here!  Gramma’s here!” 

Her little girl heart longs for a relationship with her Grammas.  I confess I struggle with the unfairness of the situation: the Gramma who is interested lives far away, and the Gramma who is not so much lives nearby.  God knows.  He is Sovereign.  I have to trust that He is doing what is best.  But I miss my family, and my children do too.  

I don’t know how to end this except maybe to say: hug your children and grandchildren, read them a story, tell them about Jesus, write them a letter, give them a call, invite them over for dinner, invest in their precious souls.  They love you and you have an amazing ability to influence them for the Lord.  My friend’s mom, Bobbie, did this until the very day she died.  She took her little granddaughter out for birthday shopping, a special birthday lunch and time together, and then her sweet granddaughter ministered to her grandma after they got home when her grandma wasn’t feeling well; later Bobbie died.  Don’t put off your relationship until tomorrow–you never know when the opportunity will be lost.


Author: Cassie

Follower of Jesus, wife and mom to the most wonderful family I could ever ask for.

One thought on “Of Grandmothers and children

  1. Cassie,

    Speaking as your Dad and grandfather to your children, my heart was greatly moved by your comments. Tears came to my eyes as I thought of precious Laura, Sarah, Matthew and Christopher and you my daughter (and Rob too). Both Mom and I long to a time when we can live closer to your precious family, hopefully before the children all grow up. We love you and thank God for you.


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