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Prayer Study


Some ladies and I are going to be doing another study by Kristie Gant called Prayer.  Focus Publishing recently started publishing this study and they offer a 50% discount if you order 6 or more studies.  If you’d like to do this study alone or with us (via the Bible Study Blog) you can call 1-800-913-6287 or
www.focuspublishing.com to view and order.  You have to call the phone number to get the discount.  My hope is that the Lord will raise up small groups in churches around the country to do this study and grow in prayerfulness.  You don’t have to do it with our group, but you are welcome to join us.

Kristie is a godly woman and her studies are the best I have ever seen.  They are inductive, but manageable as far as time requirements, and give plenty of room for prayer and meditation on God’s word–the result is life change because the word of God and the Spirit of God are given opportunity to work in our hearts together (the bread of the Word and the water of the Spirit-gotta have both).

Prayer: Coming to the Throne with Purpose, Passion and Praise
Kristie Gant

An inductive Bible study written specifically for believers who desire to pray more passionate, purposeful, and God-honoring prayers. This 11-week course is ideal for personal and group study and uses the Lord’s Prayer as a foundation to address such topics as:

  • The Role of the Holy spirit in Prayer
  • Fasting
  • Confession
  • Praying for the Glory of God.


So my “challenge” to you is to gather 6 or more people from your church or local churches and do this study together.  You can set a meeting time or you can do what we busy wives and mom’s do–a blog and e-mail format that allows us to encourage each other, work at our own pace, and keep each other accountable.  If you happen to attend the same church you’ll also have opportunity to talk about what the Lord teaches you when you meet on Sunday mornings.


Author: Cassie

Follower of Jesus, wife and mom to the most wonderful family I could ever ask for.

2 thoughts on “Prayer Study

  1. Cassie, SO SO excited to see you are going to do this study next!! WOW! I have done it twice now, (prior to its’ publishing) and learned just as much the second time around. I have also had some wives do it one-on-one with their husbands discipling them. . .very productive and encouraging!


  2. Hi friend. I wanted you to know that I ordered six books yesterday and they are coming. With God’s sovereign leading, some women have come forward and want to do it online with me. I am challanged as I will keep a blog roll as well and hopefully be able to encourage them as the Lord works. I would be so grateful to sneak in and out of your blog as I am not as seasoned in the Word as you are! I need you!!! And I am so grateful for you. Please be in prayer as God leads me to do this with these women.
    Grace and Peace,

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