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Investing in Eternity Pt. 2


Mothers are called by God to an important, yet hidden, work: to raise up children who love the Lord and His truth, and who will not be ashamed when He returns to the earth.  This is so vital, but it takes humility to continue in it.

I believe the rewards are incredible for the women who serve the Lord in this quietly powerful way.  God sees what is done in secret and He will reward it openly.

Satan knows the positive impact women can have on their family, church and culture by fulfilling this role in the power of the Lord, and so he is ruthlessly robbing them of their eternal rewards by deceiving them  into abandoning it so they can do the “important” things.  He appeals to our pride, our Martha (busy) tendencies, our desire for recognition, and our genuine desire to help others.  He offers us the rewards of the here and now, knowing full well that if we follow his advice we will lose the rewards promised us in eternity.

Being home with our children gives us time to seek the Lord in prayer, both privately and with our children.  Being hidden away is actually a benefit to storing up treasure in heaven.  Older widows were told to devote themselves to supplications and prayers night and day, so surely younger moms should do the same thing as they serve their little ones and their husbands.  If we don’t cultivate a life of prayer when we are younger we will not instantly gain the ability to pray night and day when we are older.  We should do what we can now in preparation for when we have more time for it.  Prayer is a good work that is hidden–God blesses the humble–and He will reward those who devote themselves to it.

A lifestyle of prayer leads to other good works as God puts people and situations on our hearts and gives us opportunities to reach out as His hands and feet.  Having only the Lord for a Master makes it possible to take the time to reach out to the people He puts in our path.

We invest the most in eternity when we hide ourselves in God and listen to Him, speak as He leads, move as He moves us, be still when He commands us; when we take to heart that it is the last that will be first and the first that will be last; when we remember that if we want to be great in the Kingdom we must become the servant of all, starting with the family He has given us the honor to serve.


Author: Cassie

Follower of Jesus, wife and mom to the most wonderful family I could ever ask for.

2 thoughts on “Investing in Eternity Pt. 2

  1. Hmmm, how true it is that we have such a vital job of training up our children in the Lord. Oh, if more woman would take their role to heart, would put Him first and look to Him for guidance in the ‘how to,’ instead of letting the world push them to and fro and allowing the pressures of the day be the strongest force in the family.

    Bless you …you are a wise and thoughtful mother.

    mama to 7
    one homemade and 6 adopted

  2. Dear sister in Christ,
    I have to admit this was hard for me to read, because of my past and the failure I was in many ways to my children because I was not saved. I see sometimes the consequences of my past in my children and it hurts my heart but I know that God has changed my life and forgiven me, and so now that my children are all grown and on their own, I pray!!!!! I ask God to use me in my walk to show them what He has done for me and that they may allow Him to be the Lord over all things in their life. It is so encouraging to hear your love for your children and their growth in the Lord and from other young Christian women who desire to do the same. Thank you again for sharing this importance, that society tries to destroy and not teach, that being a mother and raising our children to love God and live for His glory is a God given responcilbility that we all should count as Joy!!! I love you! Tammy

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