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A Delightful Duty

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Calling prayer and Bible reading a discipline and duty is like calling intimacy between husband and wife a chore.  For a husband and wife who truly love each other, questions such as, “How much is enough?” are ridiculous.

Intimacy both satisfies and awakens desire.  The discipline is in keeping other things from becoming more important to us than our spouse–to keep the fire burning by making time to spend together.  And so it is in our relationship with God.

Time with the Lord is not a discipline.  It is not something we do simply because we are good Christians (how would you like it if your spouse told you they were only spending time with you because they were supposed to–it is my duty so here I am?).  We are invited to spend time with the Creator of the universe and the lover of our souls.  The thought overwhelms me.  This is not a duty!  It is an honor, a privilege, a delight!

How is it that we usually view this as an inconvenient interruption from more important things????  What are we thinking????

Spending time with the Lord satisfies our deepest longings and keeps us coming back for more.  The more time we spend, the more we grow to love our Savior.  It isn’t a matter of how much is enough, but rather how soon we can get back to sitting at His feet.


Author: Cassie

Follower of Jesus, wife and mom to the most wonderful family I could ever ask for.

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