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Slow Death

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Interesting: one of the nerve agents used in WWI was chlorine. Exposure to chlorine, even a small amount, starts shutting my body down quickly–has caused my lungs and throat to swell up and become inflamed so that I can barely breathe, has caused me to have several mini-strokes, has caused crazy nerve symptoms, given me headaches, etc. I am thankful that the Lord has shown me some ways to help myself in these situations or I probably would have died already. Not everyone is as sensitive as I am, but please be careful around chemicals such as chlorine, ammonia and the like. They are harmful to all of us. Some of us have the difficult task of being ‘canaries’. Don’t wait until you are one yourself to heed the warnings about toxic cleaners, synthetic perfumes, etc. If you need ideas for substitutes for these things, ask–I’d be happy to tell you about them.


Author: Cassie

Follower of Jesus, wife and mom to the most wonderful family I could ever ask for.

One thought on “Slow Death

  1. Canaries… yes I never thought of myself that way but that absolutely fits my experience as well.

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