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Detoxification and Re-Mineralization–What I have Learned


Here are some notes I put together for a couple friends–I wanted to share it all with you as well even in this unedited form. I am not mentally strong enough yet to polish this but I hope this helps explain some of the problems you and your children may have had or are now having. If you have any questions about anything please write to me. Through this health crisis I feel I have experienced many chronic and acute health conditions all in a couple of weeks. The Lord has been giving me understanding and we are making some changes in our family even though we were already eating a very healthy diet. I cannot imagine where we would be if we hadn’t been. I am aware of His protection and guidance over these last several years in drawing me more and more into healthful diet and living–this has surely protected me and my children from much more damage. When I recently had my bloodwork done I had no abnormalities whatsoever except my mineral imbalances. If they had tested my bone mineral content they would have found abnormalities there. I even had a scan done on my uterus because my doctor wanted to rule out miscarriage. Everything was perfect. This is the grace of God! So now I am working on rebuilding my mineral stores, continuing to detox and get my thyroid back in order–it really went haywire after all the back to back toxin exposure I just had. I have had a sense the whole time that God was taking me through all this to teach me something and then one day this week when I was resting outside He began to pour thoughts and wisdom and understanding and connection of bits of information I already knew into my head. I am so thankful. Then, another day as I was resting He began to show me pictures of children and friends I know who will helped by this info. Both times I wasn’t trying to come up with anything. It is the loving kindness of our Creator! I believe He will completely heal me, as so many of my friends are praying. But He has brought me through many years of health problems to humble me, draw me closer to Him and to teach me how to help others. I have been praising Him and thanking Him. Last week as I was very sick I kept saying to Rob, “I feel like one big science experiment.” I am thankful for the loving, constant care of my husband. He worked hard to keep me alive. If he had given up on me I probably would have died, but for the grace of God. I see God’s hand prints all over the situation. Ever since my health crisis last week there have been no more controlled forest fires and no more chlorine or ammonia exposures for me. I have been able to go outside and enjoy the beautiful Spring weather. God purposely brought me to my lowest point ever and gave me the grace to praise Him through it and then gave me understanding of how to get better and help others and now is giving me a break from the toxins. Praise the Lord for His mercy.

See below:

I am slowly working on doing this re-mineralization. I’ve done it before but all the toxin exposure has really done a number on my magnesium, calcium and phosphorous levels and potassium and sodium, among other things. It is taking me several days to
feel even semi-normal.

A good supplement that has helped me before and seems
to be helping now is the Peter Gilliam’s Natural Calm Plus Calcium. Also, use a small pinch of azomite powder in each glass of water you drink. Stir it up to get the mineral ions in the water and let the heavy stuff fall to the bottom of the glass. This is a good supply of a balance of minerals and is a clay that attracts toxins and pulls them out of your body. Basically, minerals will bind with toxins and pull them out and then the fewer toxins you have the more room
you have in your bones and blood for the minerals that you really need. Eat lots of organic bone broth, gravy, soup–add it to everything you can think of, such as pasta, rice, beans, etc. Sprout your beans before cooking and eat lots. Eat lots of high potassium foods and balance that with a bit of sea salt, throughout the day. Get sunshine for the vitamin D. I am realizing that a lot
of foods I have thought I was sensitive too are actually high mineral foods, and in the past I have been so loaded with toxins that eating all this healthy food was detoxing me really fast and making me miserable. So I really can eat lots of foods! I take milk thistle several times a day to quickly deal with the
toxins (sends them to the kidneys quickly), and pump my lymphatic system through gentle walking and T-Tapp exercises (swelling and pain and eventually gout in feet and hands is the result of toxin buildup not pumped out through the lymph (the minerals neutralize the toxins and turn them into salts easy for the body to excrete as sweat, urine, etc.) Get lots of high antioxidant foods because
they bind with toxins anywhere in your body and send them quickly to the kidneys–this keeps them from circulating in your body for very long and making
you miserable.

Drink as much water as you feel you need (use the azomite).
With the mineral powder in your water you will need to drink less water because your electrolytes will get balanced faster than if drinking plain water. Do not drink plain distilled water EVER–I have learned this the hard way.

Also, soak in epsom salt baths for the magnesium content. I am using 1 cup epsom salts and 1/4 c azomite and 1 TBS celtic sea salt and 1 TBS baking soda in a warm bath. Your body will absorb the minerals and toxins will be pulled out through the
skin and also through the lymph system and down and up to center for elimination (from hands to armpits down and from feet up to groin and then on to elimination. You may or may not feel this. You may have swelling in your lymph in your neck that sometimes feels like your throat closing up–it isn’t.

Walking it through your system will get it out of that area and make you more comfortable. You may feel pain in hands, feet, knees, arms, and even lungs as the toxins travel through your lymph. You may feel pain your your groin area (lymph).
This is all normal and a sign that your body is working properly.

I’ve heard it said that healthy people often seem to be the sickest–this is really because they are getting the best detox. Other people who are eating junk and don’t seem to have all the problems are really just absorbing the toxins in, losing minerals and eventually developing chronic health problems that kill them

It could be that your crazy allergies and sensitivities to healthy foods are not really allergies but detox symptoms!
That would explain all the fruit sensitivities, etc. If there is a heavy build up of toxins and you start eating really healthy you will feel worse at first but it will get better. The strong reaction actually means your body is getting healthy! You can slow things down by still only eating healthy food, but not eating quite so many high mineral foods all at once. And taking the milk thistle and pumping the toxins out works great! Don’t let that stuff just sit in your system. The mineral bath speeds things up a lot too. I also drink
lots of lemon in my mineral water and we are drinking veggie juice with a pinch of kelp in for the iodine. Eat iodine rich foods as the iodine will help your body utilize the other minerals and will be wonderful for your thyroid! Keep taking your thyroid meds, of you take them, but hopefully your body will improve to the point
where you will at least need less. Right now I am taking double the amount of my hormones but I hope to decrease this as my health improves. Avoid refined foods like the plague.

Also, avoid taking in more toxins because with all the detoxing your body is doing there will be lots of toxins in your blood being gotten rid of and taking in more, especially through your lungs will cause a violent reaction that could lead to death if you are not prepared with adequate mineral to bind with the toxins, get them out, and keep your bones and blood in good electrolyte balance–this is what just happened to me. It is only God and my husband that
kept me alive during this crisis. This will also free up your body to re-mineralize faster.

Migraines are a sign of magnesium/calcium deficiency. If you get blood work done you will probably find that your blood
levels of calcium and magnesium are high, your potassium and sodium and phosphorous will be low. But if you get your bone
mineral content tested you will probably find that your magnesium and calcium are low–that is because so much has been
pulled out to neutralize the toxins in your blood and your potassium and sodium will be low because these turn the toxins
into salts easily excreted through sweat and urine. If you have a terrible migraine (which I have had a lot of lately) and
you soak in an epsom salt bath, the migraine will disappear quickly. Or soak a towel in a strong epsom solution and wrap
around your neck. This works for aches and pains everywhere in your body and works amazingly fast! I did this last week after several days of dangerously low levels of everything
in my body. The back of my neck and the back of my head up over to my face on the right side were so inflammed and sore even
to the touch but I responded right away to the magnesium in the epsom salts.

The phosphorous will be low because the toxins replace that (among other things) in your body making bones and teeth brittle
and prone to breaking, cavities, fluorosis, etc.

Children with anything on the autism spectrum, behavior and sleep problems and massive food sensitivities are actually
detoxing from some chemical load often from during pregnancy, birth, vaccinations, etc. and their mineral load is depleted. I
now understand my son’s ADHD and why he can’t sit still or sleep well even when he is exhausted. I’ve been through it all this past week.

These poor children are either labeled as bad or they are put on meds that further damage their poor little bodies. I have
wept over this much as I’ve come to understand what my son has and does go through.

GF/CF works well for ADHD/other autism spectrum children and adults because it removes a very strong anti-absorption element
in the body–gluten and dairy protein. Removing these while adding high quality, nutritious foods will allow them to recover
slowly over time.

Another important thing to do is eat lots of healthy fats–organic butter, cod liver oil, flax oil, olive oil.

Soaking and sprouting grains and seeds will neutralize anti-nutrients and make vitamins and minerals more bio-available.

Sourdough and lacto-fermented drinks and veggies are important to include in the diet.

Other common signs of all this detox are lung problems as toxins are gotten out through the lungs as well–so asthma, etc. and through mucous drainage in sinuses. Skin problems such as acne and eczema are detox symptoms as wells, anger, irrationality, confusion, weakness, vomiting, dizziness and on and on.

The reason children with ADHD, etc seem to do better when they run around and get exercise is because doing so works the toxins out of their system. It also attracts minerals back into their bones (and ours as well).

Infertility, miscarriage, the inability to nurse with no discoverable cause is likely a sign that re-mineralization is needed. This explains why I have been able to carry for a few months at times and other times not at all. Watch for anything in the diet that is depleting you nutritionally, even if you eat a healthy diet–especially if you have a history of toxin intake as a child through pregnancy and delivery drugs, poor nutrition, sugar, vaccines, cleaning chemicals, etc. Work hard at rebuilding your body and you will most likely be able to have children. Over consumption of alcohol, sugar, and toxic medicines etc will leach minerals out of your body.

A potassium/sodium imbalance will lead to histamine related allergies. Getting this balanced out will eliminate the allergies over time.

If a mother’s nutritional health isn’t so good, her baby will take what he can from her bones, etc. This will weaken the mom further and the baby’s health will not be optimal either. If this isn’t corrected in the mom or the child these deficiencies will continue to be passed down from generation to generation, growing worse all the time–hence the family connection when it comes to diseases, and chronic health conditions.

I learned in the ER when I was given IV fluids that when perfectly hydrated/electrolyte balanced your temperature will be a perfect 98.6! I am never at 98.6 but I was in the ER! If you are cold there is a mineral imbalance even if you drink a lot of water.

ALL chronic health problems are caused by toxin build-up and release and nutrient deficiency. Re-mineralization gets to the root of the problems and will slowly correct them. When God miraculously heals someone, what He is doing is restoring their mineral balance. The water He gave in the desert was from the ROCK and gave the Israelites perfect hydration even in the desert. In Eternity we will have access to the perfect living water and the tree of life. Now in this life we are caught between God’s love for life and wholeness and Satan’s love of death and decay. Thus all health problems have a connection to the enemy. This is why many ADHD type children see demons and when I was very sick last week I closed my eyes and saw a very evil face. I prayed, ‘Jesus’, and it went right away.

The Bible speaks often of people being oppressed by demons in the form of health problems. The reason for this is that if Satan can distract us from the Lord by drawing our attention to ourselves and trying to make ourselves feel better he is happy. We feel bad so we go to sugar, alcohol, drugs, hobbies, whatever. We are drawn away from the Lord into our own selfishness. When I was at my sickest this past week all I could think about was how to survive, how to feel better–my focus was not on serving anyone else. I was close to death (except not really because God was not allowing that) so it was necessary. But I have seen this to a lesser degree in my children. They have toxin related health problems that make them very focused on meeting their felt needs. When they are feeling better I have noticed them serving others more willingly and of their own accord. If you look back through history to times potentially less toxic than ours you will find that their has always been some took Satan has used to disrupt people’s health. If it was chlorine bleach it was giving children mercury tablets for their health! and people spreading white lead on their faces for their complexion. God is all about life, green trees, gardens, farms, community. Satan is all about disrupting everything that smacks of life–cutting down trees, abortion, industrialization, individualism, etc.

Our Lord has overcome, and even if we have problems in this life God uses them for our good and His glory and we have the hope of being with Him forever enjoying perfect wholeness. I can’t wait!


Author: Cassie

Follower of Jesus, wife and mom to the most wonderful family I could ever ask for.

9 thoughts on “Detoxification and Re-Mineralization–What I have Learned

  1. Thank you so much,

    for all you’ve shared.
    You have helped me in my own recovery and I am grateful — for both your straightforward words about your relationship with God and what you did and took.

  2. that was an amazing post!!!! it’s what i needed to read tonight;-) i’ve had some ‘twitching’ going on lately and i took some mag. i’ve been eating a very clean paleo diet and adding very healing foods in also. i’ve been frustrated thinking that these foods were making me worse, but now i know it’s just a healing reaction. the detox lately has been very confusing to me. first i feel great, filled with energy and positivity. the next day i’m back a few steps. thank you for reminding me that these reactions are a blessing!

  3. Hi! What an amazing website. I’m also on a healing journey and lately feel like I am getting worse instead of better. You have blessed me very much with your testimonial.

    I need help with water. I believe I may be suffering from fluoride poisoning due to drinking lots of water (filtered, but still fluorinated), making bone broths with this water (which we consume with meals 2-3x/week), and diluting fresh juices with same water, etc. Last night after prayer the Lord showed me there is a link between fluoride consumption and low thyroid. I suspect this is affecting me. What type of water do you drink? Could you tell me any more about it? I appreciate your help in this matter. Thank you!

    • Kathy, I use distilled water that I add a small pinch of azomite powder to for the minerals. You can get that at wheatgrasskits dot com. If you don’t want to use that you can also use a liquid mineral supplement such as concentrace. A cheaper alternative is to use the azomite with a grain or 2 of unrefined sea salt. Do not drink distilled water without minerals added. Distilled water is empty and attracts stuff into itself–including from your body–I learned this the hard way. I use distilled because the other methods I have tried, such as reverse osmosis do not last very long–over a short period of time it gets less and less of the contaminates out of the water. If you chemically sensitive that can really make you feel badly. We have our own distiller. You have to keep it out of your house and in a place where there is good ventilation because it vents out things like chlorine, which will keep you sick if you keep on inhaling it, even in small amounts. If fluoride bothers you, so will chlorine, as they are related. A whole house charcoal filter is really helpful. So is putting filters on your showers. I hope this helps.

  4. I replied to an earlier post about how we are going about defluoridating and detoxing so I won’t repeat it all. It’s great that you are finding a good space in your programme. I do have to question the addition of minerals to distilled water though. Public drinking water never had enough minerals in it to provide the body with anything significant anyway. Fresh foods provide most of our daily needs.

    • Thank you for both your comments. I am glad you are finding answers and relief! The Lord is good to provide what we need.
      Just so you know, the minerals added to the distilled water is to prevent the water from binding with the minerals in our bodies and depleting us–we used to drink the water without the minerals and our problems got worse even without the chemicals in the water. When we started adding the minerals our problems got better.

  5. Hi Cassie!

    I found your blog last night while looking for something (don’t remember what though). God bless you for your time and energy in creating and keeping up your blog! Your entry from 2/3/10 was a confirmation of prayer since many of the things you touched on in your post were things I’d prayed about for myself earlier that day. Being able to serve others has been my prayer for a couple years now and in the past seven months the Lord has given me opportunities/open doors but it’s according to His schedule.

    When you talked about ministering out of our flesh verses ministering via the infilling of the Holy Spirit I felt peace/confirmation that the way I’ve been doing things is truly correct. This is something I’ve noticed the past eleven years that I’ve been walking with the Lord. I ask Him to fill me with the HS and then direct my path according to His will and to the people He wants me to help. When I pray this way the Lord answers, though not always on my timetable, and things go very well. People are sent to me or I’m sent to people and either way God’s will is done and whatever message/help He has for that person is given and things go SMOOTHLY. Whenever I’ve tried to do things on my own, how I think they should go, things fall flat and I end up having to repent because of the fleshly mess I’ve made. This waiting to be filled with the Holy Spirit so that we do things according to God’s will flies in the face of a million sermons I’ve heard about going unto all the world. Like you said it makes you look lazy when you say you’re waiting upon the Lord but waiting upon Him is best.

    Also I wanted to ask you about ADHD kids seeing demons thing. This is new to me and I’d like to know the background behind this. Please email me.

    Thank you!

    • Dear S,

      Thank you for your note. It encouraged me! We were just talking about this subject today during family worship of relying totally on the Lord instead of trying to do things in our flesh. My husband was reading to us out of an Andrew Murray book. Murray was talking about how the Lord doesn’t sanctify us merely for our own benefit and future glory but also so we can serve others, just like Christ came to serve–which is why the infilling of the Holy Spirit always leads to ministry–ministry to the Lord and to others. Our sanctification and being spirit-filled does not lead to a monastic life. It is so neat that you wrote on a day we were talking about this. Laziness isn’t what the Lord leads us to at all, though it sure can look that way–as you said it is on His schedule and His way–not what we come up with in our own wisdom.

      On the demon issue, I believe and have seen how Satan preys on the physically weak, especially those who are weak of mind. My own son was demon possessed, but the Lord set him free. We do not watch tv, let alone stuff with evil characters in. We were not involved in witchcraft in any way. I have heard of other children who were on the autism spectrum who, according to their doctor across the board told of seeing demons or scary creatures. She chalked it up to imagination but having lived through this with my son and even my other children (they were frightened by demons on several occasions but not possessed) and last year my husband also experienced a demonic oppression which the Lord set him free from– I do not think it is only imagination. I almost died last year and became very weak. At one point I was lying on the couch and I saw an evil face. I did not really have the energy to pray but I said in my heart, “Jesus.” He took care of the evil face and I never saw it again. But it was shortly after that that my husband was attacked–he for his part was physically and mentally exhausted from nursing me back to health round the clock. A child, especially one whose mind is not operating properly, isn’t necessarily going to know how to resist the fearful advances of demons and can give a footing to the demon or demons that are trying to scare them and take them over. Children who are affected by ADHD do not think rationally very well. The lower region of the brain does not make connections with the upper region very well–which is where God made us to sort through all the impressions and information that first comes to us in the sensory part of the lower brain. It makes them an easy target.

      In His love,

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