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The Power of the Blood of Christ to Sanctify

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I have been reading Andrew Murray’s book the Practice of God’s Presence. The first section of the book is on the Power of the Blood of Jesus.   He goes through redemption, reconciliation, cleansing, and sanctification by the blood of Jesus.
I have been in Chapter 5 on sanctification for a while now.   Having read the chapter, I was going back through the scriptures in the chapter and praying. Murray really focuses in on the idea that sanctification is about God imparting Himself to us.

Amen, may it be so, more and more, as He has promised.

At the end of the chapter he summarizes the work of sanctification in this way:

“Through the Holy Spirit, the soul’s intimacy is in the living experience of God’s abiding nearness, accompanied by the awakening of the tenderest carefulness against sin, guarded by caution and the fear of God.

But to live in watchfulness against sin does not satisfy the soul. The temple must not only be cleansed, but it must be filled with God’s glory. All the virtues of divine holiness, as manifested in the Lord Jesus, are to be sought and found in fellowship with God. Sanctification means union with God, fellowship in His will, sharing His life, conformity to His image.

…”Jesus also, that He might sanctify the people with His own blood, suffered outside the gate. Therefore let us go forth to Him, outside the camp, bearing His reproach” (Heb 13:12-13) Yes, it is He who sanctifies His people. “Let us go forth to Him.” Let us trust Him to make known to us the power of the blood. Let us yield ourselves wholly to its blessed power. This blood, through which He sanctified Himself, has entered heaven to open it for us. It can make our hearts also a throne of God, so that the grace and glory of God may dwell in us….He who is willing to lose and say farewell to everything, in order that Jesus may sanctify him, will not fail to obtain the blessing. He who is willing at any cost to experience the full power of the precious blood can confidently know that he will be sanctified by Jesus Himself, through that blood.

“May the God of peace Himself sanctify you completely” (I Thess. 5:23). Amen.”
[Emphasis is mine]

God has been doing an amazing work in giving my heart a “tenderest carefulness against sin”.   But He is also teaching me that life is found in the abundance of His presence in my life.
I highly recommend the book.   When you know the history of Andrew Murray’s life his words take on even more weight.   I also highly recommend this book on his life, Andrew Murray(Men of Faith) by Dr. William Linder Jr.

– Rob


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