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Oasis in the Desert


Only You can satisfy my soul
Only You can satisfy my soul
So I draw near to You

You are the well that never runs dry
Living Water flow

All I have to do is ask
And seek You with my heart
All I have to do is draw near to You
And drink, deep

I will search until I find You
No more chasing mirages in the sand
You are like a stream in the desert
Life coming forth in a barren land

You are the Rock that gives water
Life to those who know the secret of this place
You are Treasure waiting to be found
Buried beneath the surface

Green trees grow here
Planted in Your word
Thank you for the green trees that drew me here
I will stay—make me a green tree too

Across the desert people wander
How can I keep this water to myself
So many dying of thirst
Chasing empty promises

Picture an oasis in the desert
What draws you there?
How do you know it is not like the mirages you have followed before?
It is the signs of life—green everywhere

What do people need?
Do they need us to be like mirages to draw them to Christ?
Or do they need us to be green trees
Planted deep in the Lord?

They already know the mirages are empty
Who are we fooling by disguising Christ as those?
We are only making fools of ourselves
And leading them nowhere

Do you know the secret of the wilderness?
Have you met the Savior there?
He is calling all His people
Come drink, again and again
Turn away from distraction

Plant your life in the living water of the Word
Let the Spirit teach You
If you stay connected to the Water
He can send you anywhere
To be like a green tree planted in the desert
Pointing to the Source of life—Jesus Christ

Let all who are thirsty, come
The water is here
Let all who are empty, come
You will be filled

Jesus is the Living Water
The Bread of Life
Nothing satisfies like Him
Come to Jesus

Come for the first time
Or come again
The water is deep
The water is wide
There is no end


Author: Cassie

Follower of Jesus, wife and mom to the most wonderful family I could ever ask for.

6 thoughts on “Oasis in the Desert

  1. Beautiful, Cassie!

  2. A beautiful poem. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Love it sis! Makes me meditate on Psalm 1, one of my favorites! I love you ! Tammy

  4. Randomly found this by following a google search on the book of Ruth…but this is thought provoking. Your thought on mirages – our singles group is discussing some of those questions, like how to draw people to Christ the right way. Thanks so much for the thoughts, encouragement!


  5. This is beautiful, Cassie! I would love to hear you sing it. 🙂

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