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Herbs for Respiratory Health

Here is a list of the herbs we use, that work well for respiratory infections, both as anti-virals and anti-biotics, and to soothe the airways and expel mucous.

Pau d’arco Bark. I only use it for serious or tough to heal infections, but it is a very effective anti-biotic and anti-viral herb. It is also anti-fungal so it helps prevent intestinal flora imbalance that usually results from taking anti-biotics. It is a bark so should be prepared as a decoction, which is simply putting a couple tsps in a cup of water in a pot, bringing it to a boil and then simmering it on a lower temperature for about 15 minutes. I once had strep throat and the infection was not going away. After about a weak I decided to try the pau d’arco. After the first cup the white spots and pain diminished and within a couple days I was completely better.

Astragalus Root strengthens the immune system. Use as a decoction.

Wild Cherry Bark will stop a persistent cough while at the same time act as an expectorant, so it is a good combination. This would best be prepared as a decoction.

Garlic is specific for lung infections as the volitile oil is largely excreted via the lungs. Large amounts can cause nausea and raw is especially hard on the digestive system. But if you cut it up and leave it exposed to the air, you can cook it, say on some garlic toast, and it will retain its beneficial properties but be easier to digest.

Elder flower and Elder Berries are great for upper respiratory infections of both viral and bacterial types. The flowers can be made into a tea but the berries work best as a decoction.

Chamomile is anti-inflammatory, relaxing and anti-microbial and hydrating. It is really great for allergies too as it can calm symptoms of anaphylactic shock. Use as a tea. Teas are made by steeping about 2 tsp of the dried herb in 8 oz of water and steeping for 10-15 minutes.

Mullein Flower is an expectorant, demulcent (soothing), anti-inflammatory and excellent for a hard cough with soreness. Use as a tea. The leaves can also be used.

Plantain Leaf is expectorant, demulcent, anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory. I like to mix mullein and plantain together. This combination is so wonderful for all the aches and pains associated with flues, coughs, infections, etc. I sometimes add supportive herbs but these two always take center stage in the mix. Use as a tea.

Nettle Leaf is a nutritive herb and it is very effective at strengthening the lungs, which can be weakened by infections. Restrengthening the lungs is very important because not doing so can make you more susceptible to infections in the future.

There are many other herbs that are anti-viral and antibiotic. Some of these include lemongrass and lemon balm. They taste wonderful too. Nutritive herbs are useful as well and I like to use rosehips, hibiscus, lemon peel, orange peel, roses, and chickweed in my tea mixes. Amla berry is loaded with vitamin C and can be added to your decoctions. Some people really enjoy peppermint.

My current tea mix includes plantain, mullein, roses, chamomile, chickweed, lemongrass, rosehips, hibiscus, nettles, lemon balm, elderflower and lemon peel. It tastes nice with some honey and helps keep everything draining well, which encourages healing, and is soothing, pain relieving, and anti-viral and antibacterial.

My current decoction mix I am making for my son has pau d-arco bark, amla berries, rosehips, elder berries and astragalus root.

Teas or tinctures made from these herbs can be drunk 3 x a day or diluted and drunk more often.

Lymphatic drainage massage is wonderful to use along with these herbs, plenty of fluids and lots of rest. Here is the link for some good lymphatic massage videos http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLDEF532905455E4CD&feature=plcp

Avoid sugar and processed foods during sickness and when there are many illnesses going around. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, and include some healthy fats in the diet such as organic butter, olive oil, coconut oil and cod liver oil. As you said, high vitamin A foods are very important. Organic grass fed beef is useful as well as yellow fruits and vegetables that you eat with some fat like butter. The fat converts beta-carotene into vitamin A.

When sick it is a good idea to eat only easy to digest foods. Avoid dairy if you can, as this can make the lymph system sluggish. Keep warm. Do footsoaks or baths with epsom salts or magnesium chloride flakes, or you can dissolve some in water (equal grams of flakes to equal ml of water) and massage into the body. This helps the body fight off the infection, stimulates the lymph system, and eases aches and pains. It helps rebuild the body’s mineral stores which usually becomes depleted during sickness.

It is a good idea to take strong probiotics during illness, or eat probiotic foods like saurkraut.

A good way to clear the lungs is to take a deep breath in through the nose and hold this air in your lungs for a few seconds and then cough. This should be done several times a day.

The key with all of these things is consistency.

I am thankful that God made all these plants for our blessing. And ultimately it is God who heals us.





Thank You

Dear Friends,

Thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts! I have not posted in a while and I am sorry about that. It has been a hard year since our baby was born, health wise, for me. But I am thankful to be getting better and to have more energy. Our baby has just turned one and is big and healthy!

As I have gotten stronger I’ve been able to add activities that I need to do or enjoy doing. The Lord is constantly surprising me with opportunities to use my skills, gifts and interests–starting at home and then out beyond home. Most things have come to me rather than me trying to get things started. I just have to praise the Lord because a year ago I was hardly even able to take a short walk or read to my children without being wiped out. I literally would fall asleep reading a book to them.

[This year I discovered I probably have an electrolyte wasting disorder, which is most likely the root cause of my other problems. Due to this I have a harder time dealing with toxins, and when I am exposed to them my body gets depleted to dangerously low levels of minerals. It can take a while to detox and rebuild mineral stores. Having a baby in the hospital set me back quite a lot, and I had some other exposures to chemicals that only added to the problem.]

Lately I have felt the urge to write again.
I want to be careful what I write here–words have a powerful influence and I am learning to be careful with mine–though I have not arrived at all, I want to grow in that area. I tend to feel strongly, react strongly and well, that has gotten me in trouble before. The Lord has blessed me with merciful friends! My journal is full of what the Lord is teaching ME but that doesn’t all need to go here.

The one thing I have sought to maintain even when I have to limit myself is time with the Lord. I am thankful for the forced concentration on the most important thing (Jesus)that I have had this past year. I am glad now to add the other things–but I don’t want to lose sight of my Savior. When you have energy you tend to want to get busy, you know? Not to mention the fact that I am easily distracted! Please pray for me to guard the early morning time against busyness!

Anyway, I want to continue to write what the Lord puts on my heart to share. Please pray that I will have discernment to know what those things are.



Healing Your Thyroid and whatever else is bothering you. . .

You do not have to be on meds the rest of your life! That is a strong statement.  If you are willing to work hard at your healing then it is possible. The meds will start working for your thyroid and it will grow weaker and weaker, if you just take meds.  I find it is easier to heal with the armour than the synthroid, probably because the armour is mostly natural whereas the synthroid is synthetic and puts a strain on your body which is ever vigilant to rid itself of toxins.

I think you will find that even when you take meds your temperature will not rise to normal.  A healthy person has a temp of 98.6 except overnight, early morning and in the evening—we have a cycle of temperature (circadian rhythm).   Someone who is not healthy, for whatever reason, will have a reduced temperature, because we need minerals + water to create the enzymes and hormones that our body uses for its various processes and these get used up quickly if there are toxin exposures or sickness, etc. You have to work on rebuilding your mineral stores and this will allow your thyroid to heal.

For the thyroid, you need plenty of iodine as the thyroid is made up mostly of this.  Iodine allows your thyroid to also use the other minerals like magnesium, potassium, zinc, etc.  If your iodine is low then that will affect your use of the other minerals.  You can take iodoral or kelp for this.  I prefer kelp because it has other trace minerals and it also has properties that bind with any heavy metals you might have and so it is good for detox.  You want to start slowly with iodine because iodine displaces fluoride, chlorine, bromine and other chemicals and metals—this will produce detox symptoms which are not a lot of fun.  This is unavoidable, but if you start slowly it is manageable. If you get a kelp powder you can control how much you take—a few grains for a while, increasing as you stay feeling good with your current level until you get to about 425mcg per day from supplements.  You also want to avoid chlorine, anything with fluoride, bromides in store bought breads, etc.  Stay clear of toxic chemicals as much as possible because these will make it harder for your body to deal with any that are already stored within.  Iodine, fluorine, bromine and chlorine are all halogens—iodine is good, the others are bad.

You also want to take a good magnesium/calcium supplement.  I really like Natural Calm Plus—it has magnesium, calcium, potassium, vitamin C, vitamin D and boron.  Magnesium and calcium are great at neutralizing toxins and magnesium enables the uptake of potassium into the cells.  You need less magnesium than potassium—the more magnesium you take the more potassium you will need to maintain a good temperature.  So don’t overdue.  Start small here too.  Potassium and sodium turn toxins into salts that can be easily excreted via sweat, kidneys, tears, etc.

Eat high potassium foods—I say foods instead of supplements because you need more than potassium—You need all the other minerals and trace minerals that work together with the potassium to allow your body to heal.  Eat organic as much as possible because the pesticides, many containing fluoride, in the conventional produce will deplete your mineral stores and make it hard to heal.  Carrot/celery juice is a great combination.  I also like carrot/celery/cucumber and apple.  Fresh orange juice is easily utilized by the body so I recommend that as well.  I personally think carrot juice alone is not the best–it seems easier to have a good balance of nutrients with the carrot and celery juices.  White beans, bananas, oranges, white potatoes, celery, carrots, mangoes, peaches, organic blackstrap molasses, pistachios, etc.  I make a blended veggie soup—you can find the recipe here: https://tynanfamily.wordpress.com/2011/06/08/nourishing-soup/

You can also read on potassium and bone health and find a list of potassium rich foods at this website: http://www.betterbones.com/potassium/benefits.aspx It is important to use the soups and juices because they are quick and easy for our bodies to digest.  They don’t use up a lot of enzymes and minerals for digestion and so you can use more of the nutrients for healing and rebuilding.  This is in addition to eating a good whole foods diet—gluten free is good, bone broths are loaded with minerals, olive oil, organic butter, etc.  If you are very toxic then I would hold back on tomato based soups because tomatoes are potent detoxifiers that will find lots of toxins and get them into circulation for removal via kidneys and GI tract—this will use up minerals in your blood and your temperature can drop fast, which is dangerous.  You should be able to eat tomatoes though.  Drink the blended soup morning and evening and also drink the veggie juice throughout the day as needed.  If you have a bad headache the orange juice really helps get rid of it fast.  If you have frontal sinus pain, that can be a sign of detox.  Whenever you feel bad in any way take your temperature and drink some soup or juice.  I also recommend taking milk thistle and astragalus capsules.  These protect your liver and kidneys from any toxins and act as antioxidants which will find the toxins and get them out of circulation quickly.  The astragalus is really good for healing organs.  I take these twice a day, taking extra milk thistle whenever needed.  Both are very safe.

Other good supplements for thyroid health are a whole foods multi, fenugreek, nettle (short term while healing), B-complex, vitamin D3, fish oil, flax oil, probiotics or water kefir/milk kefir—start small here too as probiotics are detoxifying.  Antibodies are formed in the GI tract so healing it will turn those off.

Take your temperature throughout the day and if it is low drink more juice, eat more soup, an orange, a banana, etc. to raise it up as close to normal as possible.  Keep doing this.  Try not to let it drop very low.  In the beginning you will have to eat very often but as your body rebuilds you will not have to eat so often.  You will not get fat from this, because your body needs this food.  At first it will feel like you can’t keep your temp up but soon you will start to stabilize and it will stay at normal because you have built up your mineral reserve and reversed any mineral loss in your bones.  Still, eat every few hours—don’t let yourself get too hungry because this will cause your body to use up the reserve you’ve been building.   You also want to avoid extremes of temperature in your foods, drinks and house, etc.  You might need to bundle up sometimes to keep the heat in.  If your temperature drops quickly or down really low then heat packs on your groin, abdomen and under your arms will raise your temperature and preserve your mineral levels.  Sudden drops will only happen if you have a lot of toxicity and you are not keeping on top of your temperature and eating accordingly.  I do not know if this is a factor for you at all. When our bodies are dealing with toxins they use up available mineral stores to neutralize them.  Even if you have had a blood test that shows good mineral levels that does not mean your bones and tissues have good levels.  That is because when blood levels get low our bodies rely on bone stores to fix the blood levels.  If blood levels are low you know you REALLY have problems.

Pure water is very important.  I drink distilled water with minerals added.  Distilled alone is very bad, because it is empty and attracts everything into it—including minerals from your blood, bones and tissues.  You want to avoid chemicals in your water. My rule for water is if I am feeling tired and my temp is 98.3 or higher I will drink a glass of water.  Sometimes this will be enough to raise my temp and make me feel better (because the water takes the nutrients I have eaten and takes them where they need to go via the lymph system).  If it is lower than this I will drink carrot/celery or orange juice or veggie soup or all of the above and then when I warm up I will drink water.  Chamomile tea is very hydrating too.  I have also used a combination of chamomile, nettle, red raspberry, oatstraw and peppermint tea.  This is a strong combination and I usually add a little to each glass of water I drink during the healing process.  Drinking a lot of it by itself can unbalance your potassium/magnesium. If you drink water and you do not feel better or you feel worse do not keep drinking water as you are diluting your blood too much.  If you are warm enough it is good to drink a glass or two 1/2 hour before you eat as this prepares the GI tract to digest your food.  You really need to only eat easy to digest foods during this process, because minerals are what produce enzymes and minerals are in short supply right now.  If your temp is dropping quickly or it is in the 96. range (or lower–I’ve been at 95.6) you can dissolve a TBS of ORGANIC ONLY blackstrap molasses in warm water and drink it.  Do this as often as you need to but don’t do too much at a time.  I only use molasses in emergency situations.  As a benefit, the molasses also has a good level of magnesium.  Magnesium is what enables your body to absorb the potassium. I like whole foods because it is easier to keep these in balance.  More of one necessitates taking in more of the other, and too little magnesium can make it hard to use potassium.  You have to play around with this and try to make small corrections rather than large corrections, just like when driving a car.

For thyroid, it is so important to avoid fluoride.  Fluoride used to be used as a treatment for overactive thyroids, because of its thyroid depressing ability.  We were eating sardines and alfalfa and started feeling bad again, with a drop in temperature—I looked them up and found out they contain high levels of fluoride.  So avoid these!  Black tea, sodas, toothpaste, tap water, conventional produce, processed foods made with municipal tap water, Teflon, infant formula, processed cereals, non-organic wines and juices, beer, cigarettes, anaesthetics and other drugs (see http://www.slweb.org/ftrcfluorinatedpharm.html ) are some high sources.

Exposure to electromagnetic fields is also very draining to the body.  You can’t completely avoid these but these are some sources:  Cell phones, cordless phones, wireless internet, computers, radio/cell towers, power lines, various appliances.  Getting out in the country or by the ocean away from a lot of that is really good for you.

Coffee and chocolate overstimulate the adrenal glands, which in turn make stress hormones which use up valuable resourses—so I would limit these.  Stress also has this effect, of course.

Sleep is important for healing.  Don’t stay up too late.  9 or 9:30 is great if you can do it.

Sunshine—we need it—just be aware that the more vitamin D we have the more magnesium and calcium we need and then the more potassium we need.

Exercise helps clear the body of toxins by pumping the lymph system, increases oxygen and send nutrients where they need to go.  Walking and T-Tapp, gentle stretching and pilates are my favorite for healing and rebuilding.  Go easy though.  Too much exercise is draining too!  I like to take a short walk in the morning and again in the evening.  I try to stretch every day.  When I am feeling stronger I add in T-Tapp or pilates.

This is not exhaustive, but it should get you started.  Please feel free to ask me any questions you might have.

Just so you know, switching from non-organic to organic foods increases the amount of minerals, vitamins and antioxidants you are eating.  These will displace any toxins that may be stored in your body and it might seem you are developing allergies or sensitivites to various foods.  In reality, you are detoxing.  See: https://tynanfamily.wordpress.com/2011/02/28/answering-a-question-about-chemical-sensitivity-and-detox/



Nourishing Soup

  Soup.  It is such a simple thing, but don’t be fooled by the common vegetables.  If you are going through a healing crisis or you just want more energy or you love soup try this one.  You will FEEL the difference immediately.  Each vegetable is included for its nutritive value and flavor.  We tried adding broccoli to the soup but didn’t like the texture.  Then we tried cauliflower and we really didn’t like the texture.

This is a blended soup I have been making every week recently.  It is excellent for healing and stamina–it also is a great alternative to juicing if you don’t have a juicer and I include more veggies in this soup than I’d be willing to juice.  Because it is blended, your body can assimilate the minerals quickly.  It really helps whenever you have aches and pains for whatever reason–those aches are due to deficiencies caused by detox, poor diet, exercising or sweating a lot, etc.

In addition to using the soup as is, you can add it to other recipes for flavor and nutrition.  I like to add it to bean recipes, such as beans and rice.  My picky eaters like to eat it that way.

You will need about equal amounts of organic vegetables, fresh or frozen:




green beans




onions–use your preference for how much

garlic–use your preference for how much

water to cover vegetables–more or less depending on how thick or thin you like your soup–eat with a spoon or drink from a mug

chicken broth or a carcass in the with the vegetables–the broth adds many easy to assimilate minerals

butter–butter adds flavor and aids in the absorption of the nutrients from the vegetables

Stagger the cooking of the vegetables so nothing gets overcooked.  I made some today and began with the potatoes, carrots, and a chicken carcass (optional–you could also just add already prepared chicken stock); when those were almost done I added the zucchini, onions and garlic; after a few minutes I added the green beans and spinach. Stop cooking when the greens are still bright green.

Today I also added some strips of astragalus root and some oat straw at the beginning of cooking.  Traditionally astragalus has been taken in soup (the resulting broth, not the actual root–remove before blending–although some people do eat the root too).  It is used for immune system health and as an alterative, which means it helps restore body systems to normal.  Oat straw is high in magnesium and is gluten free and is helpful in rebuilding mineral stores.  I left that in my soup and blended it with the other vegetables, but you can use  tea bags and remove them before blending.

I used 1/2 cup of butter to two large pots of soup.  Salt to taste.  It takes quite a bit, but if you accidentally add too much salt thin it out with more water.

I also use chili powder and curry powder but you can season to suit your preference.  I blend it in stages and mix it all together in a large mixing bowl so the soup is consistent cup for cup in vegetables and texture.  I store in canning jars–closing them up while still warm so they will seal and keep a week or more in the fridge. We drink some lightly warmed morning and night, more if needed.  If you are really healthy once a day would probably be enough.


Answering a question about chemical sensitivity and detox

Today I answered a question about chemical sensitivity and detox on the Vintage Remedies message board (the school where I am a master herbalist student).  I wanted to share my response, in case it might help others.  It is unedited and unpolished but having just had a baby five weeks ago (Praise the LORD!) I don’t have time to do any more than this.  Besides chemical sensitivity this is the approach I would take to treating many conditions such as fibromyalgia, arthritis, adhd, autism, thyroid , acne, food sensitivities and allergies, eczema, chronic fatigue and so on.  I might use additional herbs for these conditions but the basic approach is the same.”She needs to build up her mineral stores through whole foods, and herbs such as nettles and oat straw.  When our stores are low, toxins move in and the more toxic our bodies are the less we can handle exposure to more.  I was severely chemically sensitive for several years and almost died from low electrolytes, especially potassium.  Toxins deplete minerals because our bodies use them to bind with toxins and send them to our kidneys and intestines for elimination. One of the roots of my sensitivity and mineral depletion was celiac disease, which I did not know I had. It takes minerals and fluid to produce the enzymes our bodies’ need to digest foods, and gluten is especially difficult to digest–thus I was constantly depleting my mineral stores.  High exposure to chemicals is another root. She should rule out or in any underlying causes of her need to remineralize. Has she taken any medication containing fluoride? I took cipro and became fluoride poisoned.  She should also get an electrolyte panel done.  A hair mineral analysis would be a good thing to do.Milk thistle, astragalus and elderberry and elder flowers are very helpful in dealing with toxins while she detoxes.  They protect the liver and kidneys and help to draw toxins to be eliminated quickly, so they don’t spend so much time in the lymph system, which can be really painful!  Too many toxins in the lymph at once can really slow it down (because it take minerals/fluid to keep it flowing well) and cause the throat and lungs to swell up, causing problems breathing.  Do not drink too much plain water when minerals are low, but rather a combination of celery and carrot juice (a balance of potassium and sodium) as often as needed.  Vegetable soups with potatoes, carrots, spinach, green beans, zucchini, onions and garlic, pureed, is also good to drink warm.  Avoid drinking or eating anything cold or being in a too cold environment (our bodies use minerals like potassium to regulate body temperature).  When toxin load is high even drinking a glass of cold water can send one into hypothermic shock.Avoid strenuous exercise and overheating/sweating too much or doing anything really dehydrating/mineral depleting such as eating dried foods like crackers and unsoaked or fermented gains, seeds and beans.  Replace lost electrolytes.  It is good to exercise and pump lymph though–walking and t-tapp are my favorite for detox.  Dry brushing moves the lymph as well.  So does a warm epsom salt bath a couple times a week.  Eat and drink high potassium foods before getting in the bath because the more magnesium you take in from the epsom salts the more potassium you will need.  Do not stay in longer than 15-30 minutes and avoid getting cold–becoming chilled indicates the need for more potassium.  Having an imbalance of potassium and magnesium can cause heart problems.  The salts do help speed the detox process.  Short baths are generally safe.

Do not get too hot either as this is also depleting and too quick a rise in temperature is dangerous as well, though is less likely to happen when mineral stores are low.  Another helpful thing to do when experiencing symptoms is to walk during attacks as this helps pump the lymph and speeds elimination.  It also warms core temperature, which tends to drop when chemical load in the blood gets too high for the available minerals to bind with the toxins AND keep the body functioning. Sudden drops in temperature cause the brain to start shutting body systems down, in order to keep itself warm.  If this should happen, placing hot packs on the groin, abdomen and underarms, and wearing warm clothing will bring relief, as well as drinking the carrot/celery juice or other high potassium/sodium drink (it is important to balance the two to avoid to large histamine response).  It is hard to swallow during attacks because of lymph swelling in the neck and besides, minerals can be absorbed more quickly from liquid.  Severe mineral depletion can cause heart attacks, stroke, migraines, arthritis symptoms, anaphylactic shock,  hypothermia etc.  I have experienced all of the above except heart attack, though I came VERY close.

As she eats the whole foods and avoids processed foods and chemicals her body will naturally detoxify.  This can be painful and also dangerous if she does it too fast.  The idea is to eat healthy foods and avoid bad ones.  It also is really important to stay away from chemicals as much as possible because more will be circulating in her bloodstream for elimination and this will make her MORE sensitive.  Eating organically is essential. Avoid sugar and pharmaceuticals, as these deplete potassium. Taking digestive enzymes and probiotics can ease the strain on the digestive system, freeing up some minerals for detox.  Grains should be soaked or fermented and avoid gluten if celiac is not an issue because this really will free up minerals for detox.  Wearing warm clothes allows the body to regulate temp using fewer minerals, freeing more for detox.

Spices such as curry, chili powder, black pepper and cinnamon are potent detoxifiers, as are nuts, seeds and beans.  Certain high potassium foods such as raisins, tomatoes, peppers, potatoes and so on can also detoxify quickly.  Whatever foods seem to bother her greatly may need to be temporarily avoided so detox can be more gentle and then added in gradually to finish the detox and keep the body healthy.  In the meantime, consume “safe” whole foods until there are minimal or no detox symptoms and then try small amounts of the more potent foods.  The veggies should be tried first, saving the seeds and nuts for last (and these should be sprouted or soaked to break down phytates).

As her body heals she will probably be very hungry and should eat every 2 hours, sometimes sooner.  If she wakes at night she should eat (just like babies need to).

Parents–please feed your children a healthy diet and feed them whenever they are hungry with nutrient dense foods.  You might save them from a lifetime of problems or help them recover from current ones.

Contact me if you need more help.”

Cassie–Master Herbalist Student at




Detoxification and Re-Mineralization–What I have Learned

Here are some notes I put together for a couple friends–I wanted to share it all with you as well even in this unedited form. I am not mentally strong enough yet to polish this but I hope this helps explain some of the problems you and your children may have had or are now having. If you have any questions about anything please write to me. Through this health crisis I feel I have experienced many chronic and acute health conditions all in a couple of weeks. The Lord has been giving me understanding and we are making some changes in our family even though we were already eating a very healthy diet. I cannot imagine where we would be if we hadn’t been. I am aware of His protection and guidance over these last several years in drawing me more and more into healthful diet and living–this has surely protected me and my children from much more damage. When I recently had my bloodwork done I had no abnormalities whatsoever except my mineral imbalances. If they had tested my bone mineral content they would have found abnormalities there. I even had a scan done on my uterus because my doctor wanted to rule out miscarriage. Everything was perfect. This is the grace of God! So now I am working on rebuilding my mineral stores, continuing to detox and get my thyroid back in order–it really went haywire after all the back to back toxin exposure I just had. I have had a sense the whole time that God was taking me through all this to teach me something and then one day this week when I was resting outside He began to pour thoughts and wisdom and understanding and connection of bits of information I already knew into my head. I am so thankful. Then, another day as I was resting He began to show me pictures of children and friends I know who will helped by this info. Both times I wasn’t trying to come up with anything. It is the loving kindness of our Creator! I believe He will completely heal me, as so many of my friends are praying. But He has brought me through many years of health problems to humble me, draw me closer to Him and to teach me how to help others. I have been praising Him and thanking Him. Last week as I was very sick I kept saying to Rob, “I feel like one big science experiment.” I am thankful for the loving, constant care of my husband. He worked hard to keep me alive. If he had given up on me I probably would have died, but for the grace of God. I see God’s hand prints all over the situation. Ever since my health crisis last week there have been no more controlled forest fires and no more chlorine or ammonia exposures for me. I have been able to go outside and enjoy the beautiful Spring weather. God purposely brought me to my lowest point ever and gave me the grace to praise Him through it and then gave me understanding of how to get better and help others and now is giving me a break from the toxins. Praise the Lord for His mercy.

See below:

I am slowly working on doing this re-mineralization. I’ve done it before but all the toxin exposure has really done a number on my magnesium, calcium and phosphorous levels and potassium and sodium, among other things. It is taking me several days to
feel even semi-normal.

A good supplement that has helped me before and seems
to be helping now is the Peter Gilliam’s Natural Calm Plus Calcium. Also, use a small pinch of azomite powder in each glass of water you drink. Stir it up to get the mineral ions in the water and let the heavy stuff fall to the bottom of the glass. This is a good supply of a balance of minerals and is a clay that attracts toxins and pulls them out of your body. Basically, minerals will bind with toxins and pull them out and then the fewer toxins you have the more room
you have in your bones and blood for the minerals that you really need. Eat lots of organic bone broth, gravy, soup–add it to everything you can think of, such as pasta, rice, beans, etc. Sprout your beans before cooking and eat lots. Eat lots of high potassium foods and balance that with a bit of sea salt, throughout the day. Get sunshine for the vitamin D. I am realizing that a lot
of foods I have thought I was sensitive too are actually high mineral foods, and in the past I have been so loaded with toxins that eating all this healthy food was detoxing me really fast and making me miserable. So I really can eat lots of foods! I take milk thistle several times a day to quickly deal with the
toxins (sends them to the kidneys quickly), and pump my lymphatic system through gentle walking and T-Tapp exercises (swelling and pain and eventually gout in feet and hands is the result of toxin buildup not pumped out through the lymph (the minerals neutralize the toxins and turn them into salts easy for the body to excrete as sweat, urine, etc.) Get lots of high antioxidant foods because
they bind with toxins anywhere in your body and send them quickly to the kidneys–this keeps them from circulating in your body for very long and making
you miserable.

Drink as much water as you feel you need (use the azomite).
With the mineral powder in your water you will need to drink less water because your electrolytes will get balanced faster than if drinking plain water. Do not drink plain distilled water EVER–I have learned this the hard way.

Also, soak in epsom salt baths for the magnesium content. I am using 1 cup epsom salts and 1/4 c azomite and 1 TBS celtic sea salt and 1 TBS baking soda in a warm bath. Your body will absorb the minerals and toxins will be pulled out through the
skin and also through the lymph system and down and up to center for elimination (from hands to armpits down and from feet up to groin and then on to elimination. You may or may not feel this. You may have swelling in your lymph in your neck that sometimes feels like your throat closing up–it isn’t.

Walking it through your system will get it out of that area and make you more comfortable. You may feel pain in hands, feet, knees, arms, and even lungs as the toxins travel through your lymph. You may feel pain your your groin area (lymph).
This is all normal and a sign that your body is working properly.

I’ve heard it said that healthy people often seem to be the sickest–this is really because they are getting the best detox. Other people who are eating junk and don’t seem to have all the problems are really just absorbing the toxins in, losing minerals and eventually developing chronic health problems that kill them

It could be that your crazy allergies and sensitivities to healthy foods are not really allergies but detox symptoms!
That would explain all the fruit sensitivities, etc. If there is a heavy build up of toxins and you start eating really healthy you will feel worse at first but it will get better. The strong reaction actually means your body is getting healthy! You can slow things down by still only eating healthy food, but not eating quite so many high mineral foods all at once. And taking the milk thistle and pumping the toxins out works great! Don’t let that stuff just sit in your system. The mineral bath speeds things up a lot too. I also drink
lots of lemon in my mineral water and we are drinking veggie juice with a pinch of kelp in for the iodine. Eat iodine rich foods as the iodine will help your body utilize the other minerals and will be wonderful for your thyroid! Keep taking your thyroid meds, of you take them, but hopefully your body will improve to the point
where you will at least need less. Right now I am taking double the amount of my hormones but I hope to decrease this as my health improves. Avoid refined foods like the plague.

Also, avoid taking in more toxins because with all the detoxing your body is doing there will be lots of toxins in your blood being gotten rid of and taking in more, especially through your lungs will cause a violent reaction that could lead to death if you are not prepared with adequate mineral to bind with the toxins, get them out, and keep your bones and blood in good electrolyte balance–this is what just happened to me. It is only God and my husband that
kept me alive during this crisis. This will also free up your body to re-mineralize faster.

Migraines are a sign of magnesium/calcium deficiency. If you get blood work done you will probably find that your blood
levels of calcium and magnesium are high, your potassium and sodium and phosphorous will be low. But if you get your bone
mineral content tested you will probably find that your magnesium and calcium are low–that is because so much has been
pulled out to neutralize the toxins in your blood and your potassium and sodium will be low because these turn the toxins
into salts easily excreted through sweat and urine. If you have a terrible migraine (which I have had a lot of lately) and
you soak in an epsom salt bath, the migraine will disappear quickly. Or soak a towel in a strong epsom solution and wrap
around your neck. This works for aches and pains everywhere in your body and works amazingly fast! I did this last week after several days of dangerously low levels of everything
in my body. The back of my neck and the back of my head up over to my face on the right side were so inflammed and sore even
to the touch but I responded right away to the magnesium in the epsom salts.

The phosphorous will be low because the toxins replace that (among other things) in your body making bones and teeth brittle
and prone to breaking, cavities, fluorosis, etc.

Children with anything on the autism spectrum, behavior and sleep problems and massive food sensitivities are actually
detoxing from some chemical load often from during pregnancy, birth, vaccinations, etc. and their mineral load is depleted. I
now understand my son’s ADHD and why he can’t sit still or sleep well even when he is exhausted. I’ve been through it all this past week.

These poor children are either labeled as bad or they are put on meds that further damage their poor little bodies. I have
wept over this much as I’ve come to understand what my son has and does go through.

GF/CF works well for ADHD/other autism spectrum children and adults because it removes a very strong anti-absorption element
in the body–gluten and dairy protein. Removing these while adding high quality, nutritious foods will allow them to recover
slowly over time.

Another important thing to do is eat lots of healthy fats–organic butter, cod liver oil, flax oil, olive oil.

Soaking and sprouting grains and seeds will neutralize anti-nutrients and make vitamins and minerals more bio-available.

Sourdough and lacto-fermented drinks and veggies are important to include in the diet.

Other common signs of all this detox are lung problems as toxins are gotten out through the lungs as well–so asthma, etc. and through mucous drainage in sinuses. Skin problems such as acne and eczema are detox symptoms as wells, anger, irrationality, confusion, weakness, vomiting, dizziness and on and on.

The reason children with ADHD, etc seem to do better when they run around and get exercise is because doing so works the toxins out of their system. It also attracts minerals back into their bones (and ours as well).

Infertility, miscarriage, the inability to nurse with no discoverable cause is likely a sign that re-mineralization is needed. This explains why I have been able to carry for a few months at times and other times not at all. Watch for anything in the diet that is depleting you nutritionally, even if you eat a healthy diet–especially if you have a history of toxin intake as a child through pregnancy and delivery drugs, poor nutrition, sugar, vaccines, cleaning chemicals, etc. Work hard at rebuilding your body and you will most likely be able to have children. Over consumption of alcohol, sugar, and toxic medicines etc will leach minerals out of your body.

A potassium/sodium imbalance will lead to histamine related allergies. Getting this balanced out will eliminate the allergies over time.

If a mother’s nutritional health isn’t so good, her baby will take what he can from her bones, etc. This will weaken the mom further and the baby’s health will not be optimal either. If this isn’t corrected in the mom or the child these deficiencies will continue to be passed down from generation to generation, growing worse all the time–hence the family connection when it comes to diseases, and chronic health conditions.

I learned in the ER when I was given IV fluids that when perfectly hydrated/electrolyte balanced your temperature will be a perfect 98.6! I am never at 98.6 but I was in the ER! If you are cold there is a mineral imbalance even if you drink a lot of water.

ALL chronic health problems are caused by toxin build-up and release and nutrient deficiency. Re-mineralization gets to the root of the problems and will slowly correct them. When God miraculously heals someone, what He is doing is restoring their mineral balance. The water He gave in the desert was from the ROCK and gave the Israelites perfect hydration even in the desert. In Eternity we will have access to the perfect living water and the tree of life. Now in this life we are caught between God’s love for life and wholeness and Satan’s love of death and decay. Thus all health problems have a connection to the enemy. This is why many ADHD type children see demons and when I was very sick last week I closed my eyes and saw a very evil face. I prayed, ‘Jesus’, and it went right away.

The Bible speaks often of people being oppressed by demons in the form of health problems. The reason for this is that if Satan can distract us from the Lord by drawing our attention to ourselves and trying to make ourselves feel better he is happy. We feel bad so we go to sugar, alcohol, drugs, hobbies, whatever. We are drawn away from the Lord into our own selfishness. When I was at my sickest this past week all I could think about was how to survive, how to feel better–my focus was not on serving anyone else. I was close to death (except not really because God was not allowing that) so it was necessary. But I have seen this to a lesser degree in my children. They have toxin related health problems that make them very focused on meeting their felt needs. When they are feeling better I have noticed them serving others more willingly and of their own accord. If you look back through history to times potentially less toxic than ours you will find that their has always been some took Satan has used to disrupt people’s health. If it was chlorine bleach it was giving children mercury tablets for their health! and people spreading white lead on their faces for their complexion. God is all about life, green trees, gardens, farms, community. Satan is all about disrupting everything that smacks of life–cutting down trees, abortion, industrialization, individualism, etc.

Our Lord has overcome, and even if we have problems in this life God uses them for our good and His glory and we have the hope of being with Him forever enjoying perfect wholeness. I can’t wait!

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Slow Death

Interesting: one of the nerve agents used in WWI was chlorine. Exposure to chlorine, even a small amount, starts shutting my body down quickly–has caused my lungs and throat to swell up and become inflamed so that I can barely breathe, has caused me to have several mini-strokes, has caused crazy nerve symptoms, given me headaches, etc. I am thankful that the Lord has shown me some ways to help myself in these situations or I probably would have died already. Not everyone is as sensitive as I am, but please be careful around chemicals such as chlorine, ammonia and the like. They are harmful to all of us. Some of us have the difficult task of being ‘canaries’. Don’t wait until you are one yourself to heed the warnings about toxic cleaners, synthetic perfumes, etc. If you need ideas for substitutes for these things, ask–I’d be happy to tell you about them.