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Florida Wildflowers

We have been spending the Spring time searching out wildflowers in NW Florida. I will be adding photos and descriptions here by plant family. God has made so many amazing things we often don’t even notice. I have discovered plants this year that were probably around last year but I did not “see” them then. I find myself constantly scanning the ground as I drive around running errands–better keep my eyes on the road! We pull over in the strangest places and my children good naturedly tramp after me and help me take pictures. People probably think we are crazy. But maybe some will take a new interest in the world around them.

For me, looking for wildflowers is a symbol of my relationship with the Lord. There is so much that is obvious around us–the sky, trees, grass, etc. We can live our lives on that level and never see the tiny details that make up the larger picture. Or we can look up, down, under, above, close up, far away, for an adventure of never-ending discovery. God is like that too. There are some key things about Him that most people can see but there is no end to all we can discover about Him. He promises to reward those who diligently seek Him. All creation describes His glory. If creation is so wonderful, how much more its Creator?

I found this pretty arrangement the other day on some wasteland. It is a Venus’s Looking Glass (Triodanis perfoliata) from the Campanulaceae or Harebell/Bluebell family with some Herb William (Ptilimnium capillaceum) from the Apiaceae or Parsley family.

It amazes me that God causes such pretty things to grow where no one will see them. He must enjoy them. And if we enjoy them too, He is happy to share their whereabouts with us. We’ve had some interesting encounters with rare flowers right before “that patch of grass” was to be mowed. He makes pretty flower arrangements everywhere, even in the most desolate looking places. As I spend time looking for flowers I often think of all the people out there that look like a sea of faces to us but are known by God. He knows the ones who are already His and the ones He will draw to Himself. He loves them. And if we love them too He will connect us with this one, and that one. Their lives may not be beautiful like the flowers, or they might be, but either way, He makes everything beautiful in its time. Many flowers start out as ugly plants.


3 thoughts on “Florida Wildflowers

  1. I love your writing, I love your heart towards our wonderful God. We live with our 5 children here in Qld Australia and i love to write too. I call each new day a new day. Today is the day God rewards me. Yesterday was Today is the day no harm will come. I have collected them all and put them in 2 books as a heritage for my children and others. Thanks for your beautiful words today.

  2. Oh – I hope you are able to continue in adding to this portion of your blog. I, too am amazed at God’s grace through the simplicity of wild flowers. What a beautiful arrangement above! Weeds (aka wildflowers) often provide wonderful metaphors for our spiritual lives! Hugs to you, sweet sister in Christ.

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